Okay so just after I go on about avoiding common animes, here I am with a Bleach item. Its one of my favorite fights, I was on the edge of my seat, and it’s actually my favorite anime battle. It had a mix of plot twist, bad-assery and excitement.


The battle of Ulquiorra and Ichigo was a largely anti-hero turning point for Ichigo. He was the  ‘monster’ he had been fighting against, and it was a big step in the storyline. The fight with Grimmjow moments before was flashy and well matched, but after Hollowfying, Ichigo wrecked Ulquiorra.


Ulquiorra being so calm about it freaked me out, like how could he be so calm when he’s being torn to shreds! It felt like it should have ended a certain way, but it just plowed through and Ichigo looked more like the villain than the hero. I really enjoyed it.


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