Whoa, a lot came this week, and its all.. New. First we are updated on the Russian team. They are the Buranki at the end of episode 1 that appears, Buranki Zanpaza. Next we get to see the other Buranki users that are with Guy, and then Azuma makes his entrance. Its totally low key, but then we get to see Azuma and Kaoruko, and then Azuma and Maxim. It’s a great episode!

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With the Russian team, Maxim, the twins and the two ‘mice'(Voice actor says ‘Nezumi’ which means Rat, thanks No.6, but the subtitles say mice. Ugh) are reintroduced as they appear in Taiwan. Their reasoning is somewhat justified because two Headless Buranki make an appearance. So he defeats them. Its all good right? W learn that Guys influence had Buranki censored on the media, as is Mosaic-chan makes an appearance. Not sure why though, because a giant lime green mosaic tile is not very well hidden against a red/orange lit city. But these Buranki may have been sent by Guy, to test out the New Russian team. Yes new because they now have a stolen heart from the Buranki Hunt to operate Zanpaza, but also he screwed with the Limbs. Guy ‘sealed their egos’ by messing with the Bubuki, this creating glowing red eyed, obedient limbs. Shizuru picks up on this early on ‘5 people are in it, but there isn’t 5 people there’ creepy ne? Well that explains that. So Maxim was given a mission to see if he could then control all 4 limbs by himself.

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Prior to the fight we actually open up with a Summit of the heart users Guy has under his command. its very ‘star wars Jedi council’ like with the setup, and the illusion of people being there in a black room. Here Guy praises the British heart user Leticia, and gives Maxim his new mission, and most likely sends the Headless Buranki. Kaoruko is upset at this treatment, as her personality and kicks u a fuss. Ryuuki, the man who may or may not have killed Souya(still no info on that side) is very condescending towards Kaoruko, because 1 she doesn’t have a buranki of her own, Oubo is technically Azumas, and 2 she’s the daughter of the Witch. So she’s screwed either way. That’s what makes her so desperate to gain control of Oubo.

Epizo is also at the Summit, and makes a show of making sure everyone knows he still intends on using the Heart he inherited. Guy promises to have them up and running soon. Azuma was able to restart Oubos heart, so why not go for that approach, or find Migiwa and ask how she turned off the hearts. Granted she probably wouldn’t answer because Guy is literally the reason why she turned them off.. And Oubos heart still works because he wasn’t on earth. Enteis heart still worked because Enteis heart was technically destroyed, and Reoko was the replacement.

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Next, Azuma. He causally slips into dinner, introducing himself, and being typical Azuma. He actually seems more calm when he’s in the same area as Kaoruko. He approaches Kaoruko, who is pretending to not know him, and tries to explain something about their father. Now we don’t know what happened to his father prior to this. He went on a mission to find ‘him’ now whether that ‘him’ is Azuma or someone else, I don’t know. That 10 year period is still mostly shrouded in mystery. What we do now know, is that their dad is on treasure island, and that Kaoruko planned for Treasure Island to fall. She gave Epizo instructions to give to Azuma specifically to make the island fall. It has sank, but the barrier is still up so the island is okay and there is air. Their father returned to treasure island to take care of their mother, he took medicine up to her. How he got up there is not explained. We didn’t see him when he was up on the island, nor did anyone bring him up while on the island. No ‘hey mom, I know dad came up to give you medicine, is he around?’ no words.

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And finally, Maxim resurfaces and attacks Azuma. While he easily defeated Kaoruko, defeating Azuma is a different story, as in, he didn’t. There was a lot going on with this fight. While Maxim did manage to cut off his right arm, Kogane was able to still control it, and rocket punched Maxim before returning to Oubos body. Martial arts were used in the fights a lot more, instead of just punching and shoving, there was a leg twisty arm boosty jutsu thing that was pretty badass. Also, the use of Bubuki is now allowed in multiplayer fights. Both Maxim and Azuma were able to manifest the Bubukis image, and have their hands look like the right and left arm Bubuki. Don’t know where they learned that because that would probably have come in handy in season 1, but it was cool.

 Screenshot 2016-10-09 00.37.21.png

Now, the errors or odd things I noticed. Azuma calls his Limbs like this: Hiiragi! Kinoa! Shizuru! Kogane-chan! Chan? The girl who is supposed to be your long time childhood friend has not ben upgraded from honorifics? Although Kogane still calls him A-kun, and she is the smallest..

Kaoruko summoning Oubo out of the blue last time, it seemed like she had access to Oubo, and he appeared. But when Azuma summoned Oubo, he didn’t know where he was, just that he was in Taiwan. After Kaorukos battle, Oubo disappeared into thin air, and when he is summoned.. Its out of thin air. So if Azuma could summon Oubo out of thin air, why travel to Taiwan if not for a different reason than they gave. Did he know Kaoruko was in Taiwan? No idea. He’s not too shocked to see her though. But he’s not one to freak out though.

 Screenshot 2016-10-09 00.38.20.png

The injury to Migis eye is still present and was not zoomed in on this time, but it was visible for a scene. I still believe that at some point that will come into play, and something will happen, because they put the effort into not only drawing it, but having Migi look left in order for it to be visible.

Once again, the Good Guys destroy the town. RIP Taiwan.

Rating: B+

Week 2 of BRNK! Sibling vs Sibling next week!

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