Badass…. Yesterdays was a badass fight, but for a badass moment? Is that making you gasp, or cheer out loud?

I think a badass character is  Tatsuya Shiba from Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei.

He comes across as a loser, he doesn’t fight back when picked on, his sister worships him, he shuts anything that harms his sister down. But he is badass because he has this secret ability that he doesn’t reveal until its 100% necessary. He doesn’t talk about it, show it off, nothing, He uses it to help from the shadows, and when it is revealed, its like YUUUSH.

It explains WHY he has this hacker-like knowledge of the magical properties and can actually create flying magic(cause magic here is like math equations and physics) and even as a smart guy he’s just badass. But his ability! He is able to rewrite himself to a previous him. Like re-load himself so if he is injured, reload and he’s fine!  Its so cool! It takes up majority of his magical capacity, like 90% I think, which is why he sucks at general magic. But holy geez he’s badass.

Okay so its not a badass scene.. But my post from yesterday is badass fight/scene so I did a badass character instead. Sue me(don’t plz)

Let me know if you agree, disagree, what your badass character is, or if there are similar characters!!

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