Did they just make an orgasm joke about the Master and Hasebe?


The second episode of Token Ranbu introduced 2 more swords, and also speed ran through the remaining ..22? Other swords on the citadel. They kept saying ‘this citadel’ so are there others?


Well during the tour of the citadel, one of the new swords and  Ishikirimaru meet up, and they seem to know one another. It turns out they were both owned by Nobunaga. It turns out a lot of swords were owned by Nobunaga. And majority hate him. The reasons vary, from being used to slaughter innocent tea servers to never being used in a battle.


Yasusada is surprised by their ability to hate their master. Its very much a childlike ‘ but my master was great, how can you hate yours?’ like all masters were made equal. Multiple times Kasshu, his friend, corrects him or tires to explain it, but.. He still doesn’t really understand towards the end. He suggests maybe Nobunaga still lives, and just doesn’t take the hint.


We get to see a list of the characters names again, but thy whizzed by faster this time than before. My motes all just refer to their hair. “Pinky knows green robe from before” I don’t think that will really change. There’s too may characters to remember names.


What is memorable is the music. I love the music in this episode. Its not subtle, and a lot of it us upbeat and if you were just listening to the music you could be doing the  whitegirl sway.


At the beginning of the episode, I believe we got to see the birth of a Sword. A Shikigami with the kana ‘Sa’ was placed on a hilt-less blade, and then we got to see two new swords. Neither of them were named Sa, and  Sa was seen as a signature on a painting. So Sa is most likely the summoner, or the Master.  They went out of the way to show the Sa signature..


So I liked the episode. I liked it more than the first episode. I feel like we actually got to see into a few characters. I don’t think the next episode will build on this particular set of swords, because they have like 20 more to get through, but there was good background in the characters reasoning, and they even stayed to watch the actual Honnouji incident, to see the death of their master. That had to be therapeutic or some kind of release. There wasn’t a satisfying ending like that in episode 1. The two swords, who appear to be the main characters, or focussed characters, didn’t have resolve when it came o their master and the battle around him


Rating: A-


If anyone knows where to buy anime soundtracks, let me know~. So watching Oda Nobunaga no Yabou definitely has bene the most informative Nobunaga series, and gave me some basis on what was going on in this episode. Were you lost in the episode? Do you know the Nobunaga and Honnouji Incident history well enough to follow the importance? Let me know below!


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