Bloodivores do a lot less blood sucking than you’d think, I wonder how long they can actually go without ‘feeding’. Cause I haven’t seen anyone eat or drink. Stigma suggests the prison system might not provide blood, but Mei is also part human.. So doesn’t he get hungry? Well if they’re dead..


Well it’s a good thing they aren’t dead then. They were attacked but not shot. They lay on the ground as the van was set up to look like it was hit. They were instead transferred to Aori, a warehouse in which Bloodivores are transferred to. They may be free from their legal life sentences, but they must reside in Aori for their lives.


Clearly this is a facility set up by a company. Whether BTS is involved or not is unclear. Mei Tengu isn’t too broken up about his pride and joy being shot to death. We still see the burn from him on Mei Lis arm so it may have some importance. How he is able to burn him with his hand alone is still a mystery.

Screenshot 2016-10-11 04.35.25.png

What isn’t a mystery is Mei Lis parentage! His mother is Shomon Guching, a human, and  it is Mei Tengu who is a Bloodivore. We don’t see a collar on him because his suit collar is too high. The Child of Peace was created as an experiment. We get a deadpan look from Mei Li as camera flashes get closer and closer, before morphing into the gun flashes.


So the company holding all the Bloodivores impersonates Anji, Mei Lis friend and uses her as a robot-introductory person to explain all of their situations. Easily 150 people have woken up in these boxes in Aori, with clothes and a weapon. Their goal is to survive. Their collars have been replaced.. With different collars. These ones have explosives.

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The explanation is cut short when.. Creatures.. Show up. One prisoner cries out ‘why is that here’ and not ‘what is that’ so they may either be a known creature, or have been in the news recently.


Mei Li and the real Anji high tail it out of there, but were distracted by a weak female character who honestly deserves to be eaten. You shout ‘ take me with you’ but don’t run? Pfft. Bye. He’s not running back to you to grab your hand. You’ll shove him away the second you sense danger and everyone knows it. Anji isn’t much better, but the guys at least have a thing for her.


Story wise this opens a lot more questions. Why is this happening? Are they watching them and using the info to refine some battle tactic or military project? That’s the most common plot action in this scenario. Is it a Deadman Wonderland type deal? Does the winner become free? There’s an assassin who seems to know what is going on, did he escape before? There’s a fat man who seems to at least understand prison politics, but not explosives.


Outside of Aori there was a man being informed of the story of the Van, and those shot inside. He seems to be on the ‘outs’ of the prison scheme. He seems to be suspicious of what’s going on though, asking for records pertaining to prisoners.


Back inside the prison, the monsters are ravaging the population, and at the moment Mei Li is going to be eaten, glass shatters and he is pushed back. The assassin whose a few feet away claims he’s a Hemomancer. Don’t know what that is. From my extensive knowledge of Latin (thanks HP) I am deducing~ that Hemo(like hemoglobin in blood) and Mancer(controller of said hemo) means that Mei Li, is a Blood Bender!

Screenshot 2016-10-11 04.34.07.png

So with this power that is seemingly known to a few people, im assuming maybe that the purpose of the prison, to weed out the people with this ability. Who knows! Not too much information is given before the prison pigs try to rape the robot before its eaten. Like thanks, no one wanted to know what they were here for either…


So shitty explanations on that, and so the anime was pretty slow paced. It went by at a snails pace. Aside from the suspicious part outside of the prison, the robot was almost raped, and the monsters attacked. It was drawn out too long. Especially the infighting. The prisoners threatening one another was redundant as one blew his own head off. I would liked more of an explanation into the facility. Why are they here, to survive? There wasn’t even a  ‘you’re all scum of the earth, so you’ll be of some use here’ speech..


So the next episode, im thinking Mei Lu will be separated form his friends. I don’t think he will escape. At leat not right away. I think he will be held and interrogated/experimented on first. He doesn’t seem to know what his power is, and if it’s a response to death, then maybe he escapes the next time his life is in danger.


It also opens up the opportunity that maybe he DID kill the 15 people, by accident.




Rating: B-


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Thanks for reading!