Mahou Shoujo meats iShoujo? What?


So if an otaku is placed in an anime-situation, do they or do they not respond accordingly? I mean we’ve seen enough things pop up in our face that at this point nothing surprises us. Well, Amno Tokine is one of us, and her reaction times are a bit.. Non existent.


When confronted with a .. Puzzle room and forced to transform into a Mahou Shoujo, she doesn’t like her costume btw…, then she eagerly takes on the task!


And that’s the episode. Thrilling gameplay.


The world is apparently called Quizin, and its an interdimensional world. Hacchin is an interdimensional pig who bestows powers? It’s a bit much for right now. So its just a puzzle game anime for right now. Not much to say on it. The transformation sequence was pretty well done, a little sailor moon-esque if I say so myself.


There were odd CGI random scenes, like the doorknob. Just the doorknob turning was cgi.. Whyyyy? The whole episode felt  like there was just a big chunk missing, like it was supposed to be a bigger episode but budget cuts shrank it down.


Rating: B


Will I cover this frequently? No. will I come back in a few weeks, maybe. Lets see the plot grow. Its nice to see an otaku character who isn’t a NEET.


Thanks for reading!