This anime is similar to the WIXOSS series in that you play a game and gain powers. Our protagonist, Koyuki Himekawa has loved Mahou Shoujos, or Magical Girls for her whole life. Based on the reactions of her friends its considered childish to still like Mahou Shoujos, but like everything, it still has its market.


The app Magical Girl Raising Project claims to possibly give you Mahou Shoujo powers. That claim isn’t taken too seriously, even after a few random spotting’s of girls in cosplay helping out around town.

Well, our protagonist has show the qualities of a Mahou Shoujo and has been selected to become one of the towns Mahou Shoujo, bringing the count up to 16 girls.

Plot twist, 15 girls and 1 boy.

It turns out that her friend from elementary school, Souta-kun, still likes Mahou Shoujos as well. The two of them bonded over their love for the genre. They ended up in different middle schools, but have now been brought together. Souta-kun is transformed into a female body, boobs and all, when he is the Mahou Shoujo, La Pucelle.


Touching reunion aside, we are told by MagiPro Mascot Fav that the number of Mahou Shoujo will be reduced to 8, meaning half of the characters will be eliminated. Now this either means that Souta-kun is going to lose his dream of being a Mahou Shoujo, or that they will work as a team to try and overcome what the new requirement is’. If the show wanted to take a dark turn, someone would reveal that La Pucelle is a boy in real life, and shame him into quitting. I kind of want it to take a dark turn. I like the direction WIXOSS went in, but I also want Souta-kun to be happy. Ugh, conflicting feelings.

So as for the animation, there’s great detailing in the backgrounds. The nature outside of the moving bus is in motion, and there is nice hair bounce. The main character of course has a short curly bob, so hair bounce is a must. The bus and cars are CGI, and the light dispersion is done well. I don’t have any issues with the animation. The music, at times is more sinister than it should be. Nothing bad really happens in the episode, but there’s a general feeling of looming dread. And in one scene the voice acting is very breathy. Not the character, but there seems to be feedback in the actual recording. It was pretty noticeable.


So out protagonist, Koyuki is now Snow White, the most typical looking Mahou Shoujo. She performs acts of kindness nightly and enjoys every moment of it. She has the ability to hear the thoughts of those in need, and the ability to jump high and land softly. Media and cameras cannot capture any Mahou Shoujos on camera, but that hasn’t stopped the blurry photos from surfacing.

So I liked this episode and I definitely want to watch more. It feels kind of Log Horizon-esque, because its a normal girl in this new supernatural experience. And the added plot twist of a male being a Mahou Shoujo is interesting. I hope it doesn’t turn into a ‘friendship will always save us’ type plot. I haven’t seen any Mahou Shoujo Madoka series, so I don’t know how similar they are to this show.

Great animation, but weird music, and so far a variety of standard and interesting characters.

Rating: A-

I compared this series to a few other, haha. It just.. It has this feeling that its going to be darker. I hope it is. It opened with a bloody massacre scene for petes sake. And Slice of Life/Mahou Shoujo anime cross overs are a bit tiresome when they don’t have logical plots and outcomes.

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