Hey Ho Lets Go! Lets Go Dateko!


Catchiest damn team song ever.


So Karasuno faces off against Dateko, the Iron Wall, the team that blocked so many of Asahis spikes that he quit the team, albeit only temporarily.

What is so great about Haikyuu, is that it doesn’t feel like easy victories. It doesn’t feel like ‘they’re the protagonists so clearly they win every match with ease’ they struggle, and you see that struggle. You see the need to adapt, and win or lose it’s a great match. You are thrown  through so may emotions at once, that at the end of the match you are emotionally exhausted.

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In the match before this one, against Tokonami, you still felt the emotion and the need to win, the fire, the intensity, even though Karasuno was clearly going to win.


And they do not win every match. They were creamed by Nekoma. And im sad that they don’t get to face them in an official battle. They’re in different prefectures. Which is disheartening cause Hinata and Inuoka are destined to be BFFs.


In the Dateko battle, they did win. They won against one of the Top 4, not because they were ‘spontaneously skilled’ but because they used the skills we knew they had. Back spikes, feints, slower times spikes, and the alternating quicks and freak quicks were used to keep Dateko on their toes and make it near to impossible to predict where things were coming from. They learned from their match with Nekoma, where they got used to Hinatas movements. The ending eludes to secret signals, which proves they are getting smarter.


The novelty factor as well, the small, incredible moments still affect me. Nishinoya sliding his foot out when he couldn’t get his hand down, was so intense. Each time Hinata shocks them with his freak quick, its so good! Seeing that confused look on people faces.. Gold.


Even Hinatas position as the ultimate decoy is working. So much symbolism went into showing Hinata being brighter, garnering more of the spotlight, and a montage of everyone saying ‘look out for #10’ your heart soars for Hinata! Now if only they knew his name. so many people know Kageyamas name, and call him Kageyama. But Hinata is always #10. will someone just give him a nickname already!


So the hypes still up, the tactics are becoming smarter, and they are advancing. I cant wait!


Rating: A


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