Yuri #2 featuring… 2 Yuri’s!

Who are we kidding, we watch for Victor.


So episode 2 featured not so much skating, but a lot of Viktor and a lot of anxiety. Viktor as a champion, and as a Russian , you’d think he would be more calculating and concise. But he’s not. He’s blunt but kinda eccentric. Like to the point where he gets in those digs but with a complete smile. He easily calls Yuri a pig and fat. He claims he wont coach him until he loses the weight.

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Animation-wise, Yuri’s body type is rather inconsistent. He’s definitely more pudgy when he’s around his mom. His eyes have less detail and his face is round. When he steps on the ice he shrinks, his face becomes sharper and his stomach sucks in.

Viktor, as eccentric and random as he is, as much as his smile warms your heart and makes you melt, he’s predictable. He’s unpredictably predictable. The phrase ‘expect the unexpected’.. Maybe I’ve watched Big Brother for too long, but its easy to pick out Viktors next move. The end of this episode was the opposite of the ending of the first episode. Episodes 1s ending was shocking because that’s your response when someone you like.. Interacts with you. You panic and freak out. I guess you run in on your idol knowing full well he’s ass-naked as well, but its just overwhelming panic.

Swapping the music.. Well duh. I knew that was coming the second ViKtor started his speech about doing what others don’t expect.

So im a little disappointed in that.


As for Yuri, he’s kind of melodramatic. He sees Russian Yuri, or Yurio, and ViKtor being friendly, cause their.. Friends… and it send him into an anxiety tailspin. He leaves them mid dinner to go to the ice skating rink, sending ViKtor on a journey to the ballet studio, and then the rink. Yuko explains that when Yuri’s stressed he skates to be alone and has a very depressed look on his face. I mean.. I can understand a little. When so much is going right, and your waiting for the wrong.. You almost seek out the wrong. After being a fangirl over Viktor for a week and Yurio shows up, easily being around Viktor and demanding he go back to Russia, it would be easy to sink into the mindset of ‘of course he’ll go back. Yurios better’. Especially when you have low confidence like Yuri.

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Figure skaters in real life, have a way of moving their feet forwards but moving backwards. Visually this is beautiful. It looks like little movement, but it creates a big movement. And Yuri On Ice has done a great job of capturing that. And I appreciate that. Its beautiful, and it looks authentic.

So the episode started on a high, carrying off from the first episode. It waned down towards the end, where they went for another spike of drama, but it wasn’t as effective. Even Yuri declaring he wanted to eat katsudon with Viktor was kinda predictable. He isn’t as bold as Yurio to demand him being his coach.

But Viktor seems more and more to be the in the ‘natural’ vein of character traits, and along with that comes the skill, the airheadedness, and the ability to do more effortlessly. If they really wanted to surprise the audience, then Viktor would stumble or fall during a routine. THAT would surprise me, after 2 episodes of building up the skill of this guy.

Was it a good episode, yes. It had good plot progression. A lot has happened. Im just disappointed that Viktors become predictable, at least till this point.

Rating: B

Kinda disappointed.. I wanted a panicky ending like last week.. Oh well. Im getting back into Haikyuu again. I was supposed to be done season 2.. >.> ima failure. Shame on me and my horse.

Joined the anime club at school though, so that makes me happy.

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Thanks for reading!