So the first Harem series of the season, Magic Kyun Renaissance. It takes the attractive men, the less than skilled protagonist and the famous mother tropes by storm!

The story is that Kohana is the daughter of a famous lady, who can use ‘sparkles’. It seems these ‘sparkles’ are the result of a skill or hobby, such as flower arranging or singing. Whether or not they have any useful aspect besides being pretty, is unknown. They seem to be a big deal though, with an entire school dedicated to cultivating them.


It may be comparable to acting or entertainment. People pay to see these pretty sparkles, just like people pay to see beautiful people and performances.

Screenshot 2016-10-15 12.31.49.png

Well our protagonist, the daughter of this renowned  sparkle creator, cannot produce any sparkles thus far. She is at her mothers alma mater, as a transfer student(of course). She sees so many people with beautiful talents and sparkles, each of them having a place in the pre-OP scene.


There were 6 of them back stage in a performance, and they were psyching  Kohana up. A lot of time is spent on Ichijouji Teika this episode, and he is included in that happy group backstage, despite hating Kohana. How far into the future this scene is I don’t know for sure, but following anime clichés, probably in the final few episodes. After gathering her Harem and winning over Ichijouji she will take center stage and wow everyone with her God-given talent.


Character design wise, some characters resemble ooold character styles, with the curly bob and pointed nose. The long but still curly hair is included as well. Our main.. Antagonist I guess he is now resembles a villain. He kinda looks like an attractive yet evil elf. And of course we have the youthful looking character.


The music reminds me of Kingdom Hearts music, with a soft feel but has a bit of a beat and some violin tunes thrown in there. Some of the animations of the ‘sparkles’ reminded me of Spyro, in the way the gems broke apart.


The show overall, it was very.. Stale. Its like a toned down Gakusen Toshi Asterisk. It’s a girls journey to copy her mothers ability, with hot guys. There’s one scene where there’s a large beautiful stair case, but only the chosen 2 students can even walk up the staircase. And by plot cliché, she will be the one to walk the staircase as the princess, while Ichijouji will be the prince. There’s not really a subtle hint that there will be a dark plot or even a plot twist. There was no.. Gotta see the next episode. Ill probably watch it to figure out why Ichijouji hates her after spending the day with her, but in all likely it has to do with her mother, and some rivalry between their family’s. Romeo and Juliet and all that.


Rating: C


Not high on my list of priorities. I may check it out later on, but im not too interested in it.


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Thanks for reading!