So its been a couple days after the big scandal surrounding this episode.. And I don’t see the big deal. From what I read I was expecting her to be molested on the train, on Mondays.

While I have issues with the mini-show, its not surrounding anything of a sexual nature.


Boob physics.. Ugh. Boobs are not springs in someone’s chest, or filled with air. They have weight, and will carry the momentum. So if you fall, and to their pleasure you land with your boobs on their face, you will not spring backwards! You will both fall to the ground in a heap of pain.


The cut scenes were a little all over the place as well. One second they were in the office, the next the train, the next a volcano.. And the relationship between the characters is confusing at the beginning. She calls him Onii-san, and that coupled with what I had assumed based on news, the lines of ‘brothers molesting her’ crossed my mind, further creeping me out. Turns it its just a weird thing she does.


For most of the episode the boobs are just a personality trait of hers. They get in the way, they jiggle, they attract attention, they move in ways that appear to be painful!  But there’s no.. Sexual element surrounding them.


Until…. She gives him a button that popped off her shirt. It would have been comedic had it been a decorative button, and he just assumes its from the middle of her shirt. But hey, they missed a good joke. So for now, I don’t mind the show. Ill probably cover it weekly to see if YouTube pulls it down again, but there were a lot of annoying parts of the show.


Rating: B-


Meh. HERE.


Thanks for reading!