Information Overload! Its like my posts have been read and all my questions answered! Well almost all my questions. Almost there!


One character who has been the most mysterious, despite constantly revisiting the ONE scene in her life, is Kogane. We know her dad is shot by Matobai, but was she homeless before? Where’s her mother, and when was she bffs with Azuma?!?


Questions about her dad-

Why did he follow Matobai knowing he would get shot? Well he didn’t know. He was having a friendly conversation with Matobai when the chicken shit of a guard shot him with a Bubuki gun. It couldn’t be healed because Genma already lost his Bubuki user abilities. That is why he went with Matobai, and that is why he left Kogane there. He was not expecting to die. It was not a inevitable execution.

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Matobai has been ‘hunting’ Kogane because he wanted to destroy Migi-chan. He wanted to give Kogane a normal shot at life. He is the one who injured Migis eye the day her father was shot. I mean I could have sworn the injury occurred episode 1 season 1, in their initial fight, but hey, what do I know?

Kogane reveals that she met Azuma, AND Kaoruko right after they fell. They ate shaved ice. But she only met Kaoruko ONCE. So Kaoruko went to Taiwan right after? And Azuma travelled with his father… to find ‘him’. Im ASSUMING with no solid proof, that ‘him’ is someone with medicine. Although.. They were searching for ‘him’ for 9 years? And Azumas dad left him… where then he ascended to Treasure Island? And Ascended how…?

Okay so not ALL my questions were answered. A lot of inconsistencies id picked up on were addressed. There’s still a lot more.

Also.. No one brought up Azumas father… and we didn’t see him while on treasure island… cause he’s.. He’s dead. Azuma said he was sick and died on Treasure Island. It would be a lot twist if he somehow was able to transfer Migiwas illness unto him. Greater Good and all.

Now the devastatingly horrible plot twist, Reoko is alive, and is being held in a Rapunzel like situation. Guy ‘rescued’ her and Entei. No that’s not the worst part. The TERRIBLE part is that… Someone else can operate Entei. And whose a powerful female, with a fiery attitude, flair for the dramatic and is currently without an Buranki of her own…

KAORUKO NOOOOOOOO. She is CLEARLY being blatantly preyed upon by Guy. Her insecurities are being abused and he believes this is a good thing! But not only does Entei burn you like a motherfucker, but he kinda kills his user MULTIPLE TIMES.

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No good can come out of this. Although I did kinda suspect she would be the new antagonist. Its interesting to see her being turned. Well not so much turned. She isn’t evil. She is being manipulated. She is being told that she is in the right, that this is what is good. The girl grew up without a father, Guy is the first male to show her support and praise her. Compared to Azuma.. She’s still very childish.

So in terms of plot wise, only one thing really happened. We re-visited a scene that we’ve already seen about 10 times, and we STILL don’t have all the answers.. And the show opened up MID battle, which you all know I hate. Plus the rest of the fight was pretty garbage and for no reason. Kaoruko instigated the fight at the end of episode two, and all of episode 3 she spent running away from Azuma.. Like so that was used as a pointless cliffhanger.

Post-fight they wander around.. A dock.. For a while which I don’t understand.

The information part was great. It cleared up a while bunch of things.. But overall the episode kinda sucked. I was happy while watching it cause so much information was coming at me, but again, repeated scenes, weak and pointless battle, and strange inbetween scenes.. Not the best episode ever..

Rating: B-

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