This week.. Was a slice of life genred episode. The plot was non-existent. It comprised of a trade-game and then a tanabata-like scenario. Sure there was some feels at the end, but not really. It felt more like an OVA than a third episode. Third episodes are supposed to be a mini climax. Episode 1&2 give you the characters, the context and the villain. Episode 3s are supposed to hit you.

Well not this episode.. Episode 1 was more exciting and more along the lines of what the premise of Token Ranbu is.

Screenshot 2016-10-18 14.54.16.png

The first half… no use. It is strictly  trade game. There isn’t even a real goal to it. this character, Hirano just ends up with items that others want, and they kinda snatch them from him and give him something of equal or lesser value. So its not even a trade up game. The first item he trades is one that he actually wanted. He wanted to give a four leaf clover to Uguisumaru, so he would have an excuse to talk to him.


Each item has him walking past Uguisumaru, and he’s not acknowledged at all. If someone’s walking behind you, stopping and sighing, you put down your tea and at least look at them,…

Screenshot 2016-10-18 14.54.40.png

So after receiving a cake, he casually, as if they are best buds, gives him the cake. No nervousness, no stammering or cute ‘I kinda like you Senpai’ vibes. Just ‘here have cake with your tea’


The second half was kinda cuter. Yasusada had everyone wrote ‘cherry blossom’ on paper to hang up in a tree. No one knew what kind of tree it was, so in hopes of convincing the tree to alter its own DNA, they placed thousands upon thousand of wishes in that tree. Essentially hanging thousands of mini tree corpses on this big tree. The paper was pink so it resembled a cherry blossom anyway which was pretty cool.

Screenshot 2016-10-18 14.54.58.png

The tree DID end up sprouting cherry blossom buds, which.. If they’re in a magical citadel created just for them… then okay. Its not THAT weird. But still..


I still have no idea how each swords appearance is chosen. There are several ‘child’ swords, who im not assuming are sent into battle. They behave like small children. They claim to have an older brother, who is not yet at the citadel.


The whole process of acquiring sword warriors is terribly explained. How does one choose a sword to create? Does it have to be done at a specific time? No idea. Absolutely no idea.


There wasn’t much to like about the episode. It didn’t move anything along. It was just.. Kinda there


Rating: C


I know, im an ass, but honestly, there was nothing in this weeks episode. And I still dont know any of their names.


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Thanks for reading!