Well this is the best damn Days episode yet!

The episode kinda contained everything, it was great. There was some idiots, clear villains, a hero, an inspiring speech, and a shorty peeking in on Tsukumotos dick in the bathroom.


I may not be a soccer aficionado, but im sure when a whole team is blatantly trying to injure players, then that calls for some kind of team penalty. If they are amateurs, and really have no control of their limbs, fine, but in a semi-final, you’d expect players to notice the difference between heads and a soccer ball.


We got to see Mizuki play as well, and he is the future Hinata, with his speed and his jump! He had Kageyamas cocky attitude though, so he was pretty damn cool. He still explained everything via Shooooms but that’s his charm.

Tsukumoto, he is even more of a team princess now. He truly is put in the game to switch things out. The coach isn’t really putting him in for his skill, but his lack of skill. The thinking aspect in the last episode was out the window this round, and he just kept running and running. The other team, who was attacking Seiseki players left and right, kicked Tsukumoto full force in the chest on an upward angle.

The kid was face down for a while, and you were expecting him to stand up, shaking, refuse to be swapped out, and make that penalty kick and win the game! But no. he was taken away. He rolled off the stretcher, but was re-picked up and taken off the field. He seemed fine later, more upset about having lost his chance to play. I like that it wasn’t cliché. He didn’t force himself up, he was weak. And no in a played out way.

Did the other team get a card? Probably not. Seiseki didn’t get a penalty kick.

Tsukumoto in this episode, is very concerned. He got his chance in a game for the first time last episode, and he doesn’t want to let go of it. He spends his off day running, and Kazama tries to get him to take a break. But Tsukumotos personality.. He fights back. He goes on about how he cant let it go, he cant take it easy because it would slip away. It invokes a montage of mini-Kazama to play, and damn he’s a cutie. But you get to see small glimpses of how Kazama, while he’s getting better, is losing interest. And I’ve sat through crappy inspiring speeches, but this one was good.


Now, the reason your still reading. Who peeked on Tsukumotos weenie in the bathroom? Saku Highs

Narukami, the top scorer, and he’s a full 2-3 inches shorter than Tsukumoto. He also looks like a girl. He, like Indou Kaoru, the captain, knowns Tsukumotos name. while he doesn’t ask to play with him, he is kinda scoping him out.

Well now that they’ve won the Semi-finals, they’re facing off against Saku High, I… presume… cause the next is Finals. Logic jill.

Im interested to see if Narukami focusses on Tsukumoto, cause we know Tsukumotos gunna be put in the game. Although.. Maybe not at the beginning. Oh! Idea! It would be so cool if the methodical

Narukami tired out different players, to try and get Tsukumoto to be swapped in. That would be extremely methodical and analytical, but the short ones are always the smart ones. Oh that would be so cool! I love short characters.


Great episode! I mean it when I say it’s the best so far. There is a moment of hype, but it was dampened with the fact that Tsukumoto wasn’t going to get the goal, we had already been through that scenario before. The injury was NOT something I expected. This series does a great job of swapping it up on us. Or maybe I’ve just not seen enough sports anime. Cause iv seen… Haikyuu… and that’s it. damn I need to start Kuroko no basket.

Rating: A

I know I left this off a while ago, I’ve left off a lot of last seasons halfway. Im gunna be working on them, o expect a spam of Days for the next couple days. I didn’t think this series would go past 12 episodes though, not sure why. But this season is so sports heavy. Ping Pong, Keijo, Yuri, Haikyuu, All Out and Days? Lotsa sports. Prepping for the Olympics?

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Thanks for reading!