I thought this was a Mahou Shoujo anime, because of the fist.. Power stuff. Well its not. its like.. That anime from 3 years ago about idols wrestling, Sekai de Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai, with less sexualisation and more angst.

First impression, I don’t like it. The character design is far too.. Warped for my liking. The big heads, oddly shaped heads, and the like 50% Chibi going on seems very much… like an American cartoon or something genuinely intended for children.

The plot is one that goes like ‘poor girl does street fights, best friend is top fighter, will eventually be a showdown between the two. Best friend is lonely so it will have a friendship forever ending’ yaaaay……

Detail wise, not a lot of detail was included in side elements. Junked cars were still 100% intact. They weren’t even dirty, they were just piled on top of one another. Animals didn’t have any detail to them, and bruise locations or even their existence was inconsistent.

Even emotional reactions are weird. The main character, Fuuka gets fired, while in the hospital, and is completely fine. She is too calm about things, but over reacts about others, if she even acknowledges the other stuff going on. She’s all but tricked into training that she has already refused to partake in.

 Screenshot 2016-10-03 17.14.37.png

The fighting scenes are a bit stiff. The hair flow.. So damn long it would definitely get in the way, or I don’t know… be pulled? And when facing off the character who was the ONLY victor against the world champion, Fuuka nearly defeated her. Sure, suck against all the lower leveled people but kick the final bosses ass easy peasy.

Animes like this I don’t like. I don’t really have an interest in this series past this episode, and even with personal bias aside, there are the elements I’ve pointed out above. The detail inconsistencies, the ‘in the moment’ power up and the non-realistic emotional reactions all make it very weird to watch. I don’t really think ill be continuing this series after this. Maybe ill go to episode 3, and unless it really turns around.. It may be one of the few I drop.

Rating: D

Not even any Fanservice..

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