Okay so following the best Days episode ever, was a kind of low point. Well the episode wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t great. It was okay for a pre-match episode.

We got to meet Tsukumotos mother, and we got to see the teammates care for Tsukumoto. Overall, not alooot happened, so it was a bit on the boring side. But again, for a pre-match episode, that’s to be understandable. If everything was pumped 100% of the time.. It would be called Haikyuu.


IM SORRY I KEEP MENTIONING HAIKYUU(im not) its my sports experience, or lack there of.


So Tsukumotos mother, we saw a glimpse of her in episode 1, and since then she’s been kinda M.i.a. Well now we know she works at a daycare, she’s a widow, and she wears the same shirt 2 days in a row. She snoops through Tsukumotos phone, but she has a good reason. She thinks her son is being bullied. It doesn’t help that the texters are calling him Tsukamoron, but they come from a place of love.


Overall their relationship seems kinda.. More friendly then motherxchild. She panics a little like she’s confessed to him at times, and that could be the genetic social awkwardness, but it’s a little… ehhhh.. She also doesn’t look like a mom. She looks in her mid 20’s. Tsukumoto looks like he’s 12,  but thats besides the point.  So their interactions were a bit on the odd side.


The team is on Tsukumotos side. 20 of them sent him texts telling him to go to bed, to take it easy, to not worry about the match earlier. Frankly im surprised if he gets to play in the next match because of the concussion. Its different from the injuries to legs and everything that the others would have received from that shitschool.


Kimishita, the scary teammate who lives at the athletic store, when the coach came by to give his ‘personalized’ not so personalized speech about being vital, he asked if alongside the ‘three arrows’ of Seiseki, Kazama, Mizuki and Ooshiba, that Tsukumoto be included. He claimed he was a glass marble, but if he was polished, he would be a ‘silver bullet’. In the huddle before they left for the field, they asked Tsukumoto to do the locker room shout as well, which… its just awesome.


So the emotionality of the episode aside, of course there was a little shorty humor. Both Narukami and Tsukumoto are stopped by security, and told they couldn’t enter the players entrance. They didn’t believe they were players. And of course both teams.. Left them there. You’d think that they’d be watching their princess and their star.. But nope. Tsukumotos shameless flattery and praise of Narukami got them both in the stadium where they belong. No joint bathroom breaks.


The episode was good. It was more on the emotional side, which balances out the hardcore matches, especially because Tsukumotos a fragile and emotional character. If it was just go go go go all the time, with no emotional support, I think he would die as a character. He would just.. Deflate, but keep trying. He would lose his spark. So this episode served its purpose. Would I rewatch it, probably not, its necessary but not compelling.


OH! And Indou isnt the Saku Captain like I thought.. Hes a midfeilder..


Rating: B


The final match and then the Interhigh! Im surprised there hasn’t been a focus on who the main champions are yet. Unless it was Saku.. Did Saku win the Nationals last year? Hmmm.


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Thanks for reading!