You know a studio is confident the anime is going to be popular, when they amp up the quality to this.

The outline was so fine, some points it was breaking apart. The colors were a stark contrast from one another, the motions had effects at every instance! SO much work went into this anime, for literal butt and boobs.


Like the quality… is beautiful. How can I convey this more, I want every anime to have this amount of detail and finesse! Its beautiful! Plot is something else, but strictly on animation. Mwah, bellisimo!


Kay that was weird.


Pre-October I thought that Keijo was going to be a serious anime and Yuri was going to be a jokey anime, well was I ever wrong. This anime.. Oh this anime. It has a good heart. Behind a massive chest.


The plot of Keijo is that there is a sport where you are essentially wrestling someone off of a platform with only your boobs and butts. Similar to sumo wrestling, but sexier and more contortiony.


The premise definitely contributes to the idea that there cannot be a female sport orientated anime that is taken seriously. There will never be a all-female cast of Haikyuu. I mean even the girls in Haikyuu suck at their sport. When females take place in a sport its about their butts and boobs.


It kind of reminds me of the Bender Games in Korra. But again, with butts.


The main character, Nozomi, is motivated by money. She is very much the $o$ type character, whose goal is to become the richest Keijo player in the world. Whether the sport is carried across the world  I don’t know.


She seems to be an overlooked character by the media, as she is surrounded by high caliber students and those already well versed in the public eye. She herself is an expert gymnast, and in a flashback to the entrance exams, we get to see not only her tenacity, but her skill as well. She is very much a headfirst character, that disregards limitations.


The naming of the moves, such as Ass Guillotine, are hilarious. The anime isn’t filled with jokes, and it comes across as a serious anime, which makes it all the funnier. Knocking someone’s jaw out of place with your ass, is freaking hilarious, because its so ridiculous.


So aside from the odd body contortions, and the jealousy of being able to stand on a floaty in water(honestly, idk why its impossible for normal people) this anime is pretty good. The plot is so ridiculous, I want to watch more. The main character I can see as a typical, gotta power up, character, so the show may become boring after the first few episodes. Then again… it kindof reminds me of Shokugeki no Soma, with almost the same amounts of boobs.


Im going to watch more, because its beautiful, and I want to see where it goes. The music and non-butt related sound effects were very Pokémon Generation 3, which added to the ridiculous ambiance.


Say what you will about it over sexualizing the female characters and stuff, which I kinda agree with… but this anime was drawn beautifully. The shading and the consistent detailing, made my night. Physics, are on the eh.. Side, but lets see if it gets better or worse.


Rating: A


Yes yes Boobs and butts! I get it I get it. But you watch the episode and tell me the quality doesn’t melt your brain.


For MORE boobs, click HERE. For NO boobs, click HERE.


Thanks for reading!