So a gender swapped Sekirei, mixed with Bungou Stray Dogs and Hamatora? Toss in a few explosions and you’ve got Trickster!

Not that that’s a bad thing. I rather enjoyed the episode. Sure it was a bit on the whiny side, and the running side, and the crying side… okay im interested in the kid and what his powers are. He’s protected by a bubble thing, the Aggressive Bubble, and he cant control it.


Okay rewind!


BoyWonder! YogaBallHackerGirl! Driver-kun, and Handsome Man with a Gun. These few make up the Boy Detective Club! And they seem to operate like Hamatora did. BoyWonder even looks like Nice, without the nose bandage and headphones, and puffy vest.


So the long term plot seems to involve someone named ’20 Face’. He seems to be a mastermind that is plaguing this Boy Detective Club. We see him in this episode, and he outsmarts the Handsome Man with a Gun. The motivation between the rivalry is unknown, most likely a good vs evil plot, but I appreciate a pre-established villain. So long as we get some backstory later, it doesn’t have to be right away, but as long as it exists, then im all fine and dandy.


BoyWonder, the main boy detective is on a mission to find a poofy dog. (poofy? Pooffy? Poffy?) a Pomeranian. This rat dog runs into a church where we see the cutest kid ever. This little kid, we’ve seen him before. He tried jumping off a building. He’s clearly depressed. The dog approaches him, cause maybe all rat dogs aren’t balled up hate, -oh.. Wait the dog growled at him. Well hell. Oh well. The threat triggered the Aggressive Bubble, and poochy was slaughtered. Not by the boys choosing though, and he seems rather upset about it.


BoyWonder also seems upset and disturbed. I had pegged him for a psychopath, but like a good psychopath… like a thrill seeker type psychopath, always looking for the next shocker. But no, he’s genuinely disturbed.


That doesn’t stop him from throwing himself out of the window after the ShiroChibi. So he has powers as well? Nope, he’s a GoGoGadget man! Hes got a claw and an airbag bodysuit to protect him.


So after a long ass chase, through water and eventually catches up to ShiroChibi, the two have a moment, join my club, yada yada, tell me your name, I promise ill kill you and stuff, before there’s an explosion. Oh well, duty calls. So now the two plotlines converge. BoyWonder has to deal with some fallout regarding 20 Face. A warehouse is on fire, and someone’s trapped.


Well ShiroChibi shows up there too, probably to try and kill himself. Well When the trapped man starts calling ShiroChibi a freak, BoyWonder threatened to leave him stuck. Well that shut him up quickly.


Once escaped, and BoyWonder went to congratulate ShiroChibi on a job well done, the power activated and –



Just flicked BoyWonder back. But Driver-kun saw that as an attack and aimed at ShiroChibi. Resulting in more Aggressive Bubbles. And that’s where episode 1 leaves off.


screenshot-2016-10-20-00-04-37Plot wise, I like it. its gotta dark feel to it, with a hint of prepubescent eccentricity. I like the pre-established villian, the pre-formed team, the solidified roles. I also like ShiroChibi! And not because I ship him with BoyWonder! They wouldn’t be a good match.. The Aggressive Bubble wouldn’t be a good third wheel. BUT the Aggressive Bubble IS a good element. What is this power? Are there other powers in this setting? Is it related to 20 Face? He has white hair, was that after some incident, like in No.6?


So much mystery behind this character! Although a lot of him, the whole ‘I wanna die’ aspect… kinda payed out. So maybe I don’t like the character, I like the Aggressive Bubble.



Animation wise, its.. Okay. Some scenes are sharp and detailed, but other times.. The pencil needs sharpening. Characters in a mid range shot lose a lot of detail in her face. There are physics and stuff still in play. ShiroChibi cant run very well under water, which I appreciate that little nibble of reality in a character that defies every law of physics I know.


Static backgrounds are beautifully drawn tough, with the utmost detail. They remain in focus as well, whereas blurring them in some scenarios would put more focus on the main character or action in front of them.  The smoke effects from the fire were large and pillowly and they looked cool. They even passed over and under foreground items! Which is small, but I appreciate it! As well, the rampaging robots and non-rampaging cars are nicely detailed and shaded as well. It makes them look metallic. Not like.. Robot metallic, but like.. Gel pen metallic. And I like gel pens..


Rating: B+


Im riding my Yuri high, if this post is a bit eccentric. You may have seen my twitter storm. Either way, I do like this first episode. Not so much for what it holds, but for what it promises. It mixes three series I like, and there’s a cute character with a mysterious past. Plus saying Aggressive Bubble just makes my day! I will most likely be covering this every few weeks, so check back in (168+168…..) an amount of hours. Episodes 2-3 will probably be soon though, I wanna know what’s up with ShiroChibi(yes I know his name… its…. Ugh…. Kobayashi. ShiroChibis just cuter)


Checkout Bungou Stray Dogs HERE, and checkout Hamatora! They have characters named Nice And Birthday! BIRTHDAY! He has glasses and is the Tsukushima of the show.


Thanks for reading!