Episode 3 consisted of nothing happening, but then a big hit to the heart.


The first.. 60% of the show was Mi Liu, Anji and Boobs McGee fleeing (and flying?) out of the captured room. They escape into a room, and Mi Liu has a flashback. Onto episode 4.

Hemomancer – apparently they exist, and are… not common but not unknown. Mi Liu knew he was a Hemomancer, from his flashback. We see other Bloodivores using Hemomancer powers, like freezing the monsters. Mi Liu seems to have the shattering glass ability. Also, flying? Is that a Hemomancer thing? A Bloodivore thing? Cause there were some questionable moments regarding moving through the air and the lack of gravity going on. It looked as if they were moving attached to a cable, but there was no cable to be seen.


The flashback occurred when Mi Liu saw a poster claiming the building they were hiding in, was to be finished construction in.. 2 years. The building as covered in dust, and the outside was decrepit, so that was a glitch in the matrix. Alongside the building layout was a photo of Mi Liu, and his parents. The photo wasn’t acknowledged, but if this location is the same as the one in the flashback, it… still might not make sense.


Mi Liu gazes into the burn mark on his arm, which now has glass embedded in it. If his father is a Hemomancer as well, that could explain why he was able to burn his son with just his hand.


Now the flashback is a real emotional hitter. As a Bloodivore, or half Bloodivore, Mi Liu still had to wear the D-GPS. He appears to have friends in class and everything is hunky dory. Well a Bloodivore is attacking the school. The children are ushered out by the teacher, save for Mi Liu. He is told to stay in the room, by his fathers orders. So.. Segregation? Possible blood in the building may turn Mi Liu feral? Is that what’s going on?


No. His whole class sold him out, one by one each of them, teacher and classmate alike told the attacker exactly where to find this preschool boy. You feel bad for a moment when you hear the shrieks of help from the students, but they were faked, or something. They weren’t in danger.


When being held for ransomed off the top of the building, Mi Lius father would not negotiate with the attacker in exchange for his sons life. Now Mi Tengu may have known that his son would be fine, his Hemomancer powers would protect him, but a child being abandoned by everyone he knows and dropped off a building.. That would screw him up. No wonder he hates his father..


On his way down, Mi Liu shatters all the windows. We don’t see him make an impact on the ground.. But he survives. So the name Aori, is his elementary school.. I believe.


So the ending was good. It was well paced, the beginning was a bit dragged on, I mean its taken us an episode and a half to escape. But hopefully Bloodivores has broken the third episode curse. Cause this one wasn’t too bad.


The animation was still  a bit sketchy at times, but the character building is done well.


A few minor points, they abandoned their friend in the monster area, Mi Lius just focussed on Anji, again. And when Anjis shirt was ripped, and they needed to find clothes.. But we all know there are clothes in those provided backpacks.


Either way, good episode. The ending made me tear up a bit in anger(and finishing Life is Strange last night)


Rating: B


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Thanks for reading!