Okay so id say it was a great match.. If we ever even saw any of it.

the match, the finals, the hugely hyped event, was all in still images. Well not ALL in still images, but a good 86% was in still images, which sucked!

I don’t understand the reasoning. Yes, lets show the match, but we mustn’t let the world see our methods, so we will only show them photos, to hide out fancy footwork mwahaha. Yes that’s how it went. -_-

I have a feeling that they don’t want us to see the match. Besides the still photos, there was a rather pointless cut scene, where Mizuki was saying majority of the 1st years were useless, and organizing his snack cupboard…

The other scene was when Tsukumoto had moved over to the Sakus bench. That scene was WAY too long, yes they made some quips about them spending too much time close to their own net that Tsukumoto moved to where his cheering could be heard, but other than that, it was constant apologizing to e.v.e.r.y.o.n.e. by Tsukumoto. It was far far faaaar too long! We wanna see the actual game.


Now im salty.

This episodes composition was just terrible. I don’t know if they ran out of time, or what. But not good at all.

Yes, there were some highlights. Kazama kicking ass, greeat! He dribbled down the entire field himself, making Ooshiba salty as well, and Kimishita was just pissy the entire time, cause… that’s what he does.

Narukami showed off his skills, and is kinda psychotic. He enjoys hearing someone’s heart break?? I feel like this guy would stick toothpicks under someone’s nails as a prank on a sleepover.

*ooh the butt tingles at that thought* Speaking of!! I still get butt tingles when I think about Ep 1, Tsukumoto playing with a torn toe nail. Like whyyyyyyyyy.


Its hard to be excited about those badass moments when I saw them in 0.142FPS. Ooh fancy footwork… not. its just.. Disappointing I guess. These characters and this match has been built up.. And we get this.

Rating: D-

Maybe the next one will be better… I always hated those cartoons as a kid where they rarely changed the frame. There was one with an alien… or something. It was weird. If I wanted to watch still frames.. Id cry in a corner cause who likes watching still frames.

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