So this episode is a great example of an anime that technically is done well but the plot and composition falls short.

The entire episode is of these two characters, along with a room filled with people, undergoing this life-altering quiz. The episode jumped around to so many different points that it was a bit hard to follow. At one point there was a ‘sensei vs student’ scene in a desert, very Bleach-esque.

The returning characters, Mumei and Kou are a pair, and there is another pair of students. We don’t know their names, or if they are going to be involved past this episode. Mumei protects Kou from spies as she completes her paperwork. Tactics like mirrors on expandable sticks, reflective bouncy balls, and a camera on a helicopter-eraser nub were all utilized and taken down by the Naruto-looking sensei.


The items were already used for a while, and they look a long time to implement. The reflective ball was bouncing for a good 7-10 seconds before it came back to its owner.

While these products are rather creative and completely implausible, the most ridiculous ‘moves’ stem from the protagonist himself. Being able to create anything from paper? And being able to slice a paper in half, creating a second filled out quiz?

 Screenshot 2016-10-21 23.56.38.png

The episode is played like a martial arts mixed with a school setting, with some students having abilities, including the teacher, and others using items to aid their cheating. So is magic, or martial arts abilities an implementation in the setting? Are there others who have these martial arts abilities?


The episode felt all over the place. one moment they are in the classroom, the next in some training canyon, then back in the classroom.

A Majority of the students in the classroom were in a pre-‘player two has entered’ greyscale state.

The episode felt both rushed and like it dragged on. There was action from the start and there was a clear goal but the inbetween parts were chaotic.

The two end up at a school, so they both passed the test. Again the mention of Mumeis father is up, before a beautiful lady draw Mumeis attention away.

Rating: B-

I still liked episode 1 waay more. It felt more cohesive, if not for an odd plot. It did a good job of explaining the test and the setting. Episode 2 didn’t do a good follow-up.

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