So the still images were reduced by.. 68%. There were still a bunch, but what they did instead… I approve of.

And I do not advocate CGI often. But in this instance, it was perfect. Kinda. It still looked definitely out of place, but its better than still images. And they swayed as well when not running. There was running, and passing and other soccer-activities that these CGI characters did. There was some actual drawn moving scenes as well. I just wanted to get that out of the way. Cause last episode… oh I never wanna see that episode again.


Seiseki players, are a little messed in the head. Kazama has abandonment issues. He was left by his mother, and now he has a complex? That may explain why he’s always been the best at soccer. He couldn’t let himself be left behind again because he wasn’t good enough. That whole scene was kinda unclear. He was going through turmoil because Indou kept getting past him, and people were criticizing the coach for having Kazama mark him exclusively…

How loud were the spectators yelling for Kazama to hear it? The audience had A LOT to say this episode too, from predicting the strategy, to criticizing it, to commenting on specific players.

Ooshiba as well, he seems to have some trauma from last year. He is the player that is swapped with Tsukumoto the most, and is known as the ‘Incredible Sulk’ because he doesn’t cover other teammates, or work on defence, or even show up to practice sometimes. He’s a weird character. His body seems to be a bit weak though, in a ‘kept skipping practice’ way and ends up collapsing in exhaustion. This may not be the first time, as a Saku player hinted at a player who collapsed last year. But it was very passive aggressive and shady.

Well in this game, the Incredible Sulk has shed his cocoon and become a member of Tsuki-himes harem. He takes inspiration from Tsukumotos blind determination in a mad dash to save an out-ball, before failing and being swapped out.


There’s also a rivalry between Ooshiba and Kimishita. But in a ‘secretly they love each other, but no-homo so I hate you’ kinda way. The reason for the hate is unknown, but I can definitely see Rule 34 here.

So overall, the episode was miles above the last episode. There were moving characters! *sniff* so proud. The game play was actually pretty good. One scene was nearly skipped, but it was done for a good reason. Indou scored, but it was so fast, it was skipped. Now it went back and in *sigh* still photographs, went over the goal, but the speed and the silence afterwards matched well with the feel of the goal. I approve. The explanations of the characters motives are a bit cloudy, and there’s a whole lot of backstory we are missing.

ALSO. Indou IS the captain?? The coach said someone else was the Saku captain before… but he has on the arm band.. Im confuuused!!

So it’s a definite step up from last week, and save for the minor backstory issues, it’s a great episode. I hope that they explain the backstories a bit more and don’t just.. Abandon them. Some viewers are dumb as rocks and cant piece it altogether.

Rating: B

Please commiserate with me at how vague the backstories were. If im the only one ill cry. Jks. But seriously..

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