Hey all,

So I’ve been inactive for 2 days, again. I feel crumby(crummy?). Honestly, if I hadn’t prepared so many Days posts I would have been gone longer.

I know I have to finish the last posts on the 30DaysChallenge, and there was the versatility award nomination I haven’t responded to (Thank you so much Rocco btw~)

All of this compounded with the amount of schoolwork I have and my new job, which takes up FAR more time than it needs to.. It stresses me out so much just being there sometimes, that I haven’t been able to keep up my posting schedule of 9am and 3pm.

I always tell myself ill get up early and do the posts, instead of staying up later and more tired, but then I don’t. and once 9am or 3pm passes, doing makeup posts feels futile cause the time has past and I could just schedule them for the next day. So often that’s what I do.

So what im going to do is change my scheduled times, I like the idea of a scheduled time so that someone can log in at a certain time and know there is a post. I got that philosophy from jacksepticeye, a youtuber. Every day at noon and 3pm he posts, and I honestly look forwards to his posts. I want to have that same consistency. But as it is, I don’t. partly cause im a lazy pos, and partly because im not really… motivated right now. Not sure if its winter or if its my add but I don’t want to get out of bed I don’t want to do anything. I mean I WANT to do things, mentally, but I don’t want to physically do them.

I dunno.

So my timing may be a bit weird for a while. Im not going to say my posting may not happen, because im not going to give myself permission to fail to meet a deadline. So there will be posts, but the timing will be weird.

Im also hoping to add something resembling structure to my posts. As I write right now, I make notes, and based off of those notes I commentate and for the most part recap the episode. But if someone’s reading it, they’ve most likely seen the episode and is comparing their opinion with others. At least, that’s what I do. So im going to try for less of a recap and more of a focus on.. Idk.

If my writings becoming less.. Readworthy let me know. I want feedback in order to do this well and create content people want to read and enjoy. Hence the addition of more photographs.

Thanks for everyone who comments and likes and subscribes, I appreciate the support, and it makes me smile to think someone maybe likes what I do.

Once again, my post is longer than what it needs to be but I don’t know what to take out.

Well, Thanks for reading!