The first episode made plot promises that episode 3 cannot cash.

The third episode is around the attractive girl Mumei likes. She is accused of cheating, and Mumei defends her. She retakes the test, and proves herself honest.

The scenario was supposed to cause doubt, because we don’t know if she is a L or C type student. There is the stereotype of a pretty female character being innocent, but that is a very good reason to have her be a C type student. Using this assumption against us, reverse psychology the viewers would have been a twist. The series thus far has been straight forwards. It has not hidden any tactics from us, cheating or otherwise. Rather it exposes all of the cheating tactic up front. That does take away from the excitement a little bit, as the attractive girl was not a C type.


I did not feel the excitement I think they were going for. The possible worry over the girl was overshadowed by Mumeis kind of annoying ‘white knight’ attitude, as well as the… kinda stupid… mammoth-themed teacher. Kou seemed to be displaying what we were all feeling in those moments. More than excitement or worry over this rather weak female character, the most prominent emotion this episode evoked was cringe. Cringe at the teacher, cringe at the girl, cringe at Mumei.

The motivations behind the characters actions were clear though. The girl was motivated by her parents photo inside of her ‘lucky pen’, while the mammoth teacher was motivated by his sense of right and wrong. Mumei was motivated by this lower brain, as most male characters are when around a pretty female character. Kou started off almost emotionless at the end of episode 2, but has since warmed up to being human. She mostly displays anger and annoyance though, surrounding Mumeis behavior around this new female character. I don’t believe she is motivated by romance, or that romantic feelings are influencing her at all. She seems to genuinely want to pass these tests so that they can rescue Mumeis father. Mumei has actually been the most inconsistent character of the series. She started off fiery, then became almost robot like and now she is more on the apathetic emotional scale.

 Screenshot 2016-10-23 16.28.22.png

The animation of the episode was done well. There were not any major hiccups I noticed. Various thicknesses of outlines were used in some scenes, but they didn’t really add to any mood of the room. Snow effect was used in the beginning of the episode, as well as fuzz when looking through a video feed. Other than that there was nothing standout about the animation or music choices.

Overall, I am not too thrilled about this series. The plot seems to be rather singular and shallow. Rescuing mumeis father will probably be an easy task with a straightforward path.

Rating: B-

Uuugh still so looong. Moving on. I’ve started playing Mystic Messenger, and damn, im loving it. its so much more than I thought it would be. I figured it would be like SmarterChild with generic anime guy pictures. But it has like… plot and a lot of stuff. And 707. oh my dear Luciel. ❤

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