Episode 4! Great episode! Lots of squeee moments between our two favorite men!


So the episode showed both Yuri’s, Russia Yuri is now a ballet student, while Japan Yuri has chosen his music for his free program. There is a sentimental aspect after Yuri kinda snaps at Victor, and he comes to a realization. It may not be a ‘damn he’s hot let me crawl into bed with him’ type realization, but its maybe 1 or 2 branches away from that route.

Both Yuri’s had an emotion to convey, and they did so well. Yurio, in his ballet training has become a lot less hotheaded. He was all ‘yes mam’ and quiet while taking his training seriously. Mila, a fellow skater even tried to poke fun at him, but he was significantly less rude than he was in Japan. He was focussed and condensed. Yuri on the other hand was the opposite. He was opening up. He has been given the opportunity(forced) to choose his own music for his free program. A previous musical selection he commissioned was too weak, and so he commissioned a second one. He named this music, victor approved, Yuri on Ice. The theme is “On My Love.” He is growing in confidence and trusting Victor more. He opened up about an experience with a girl he had, where he pushed her away while being consoled. He did not want to come across as weak. This tied into his reaction from snapping at Victor. He avoided him for a while after that, until Victor forced himself into his room and dragged him away for a heart to heart.


Yurio and Yuri both touched on an aspect that affects them as skaters, their bodies. Yurio was concerned about his body changing, while Yuri seemed to be worried about damaging his body.

Screenshot 2016-10-28 00.16.19.png

Now, Victor. He still seems to be having fun more than anything. We see him concerned about his thinning hair, which is cute. As for being attracted to Yuri, he was incredibly handsy in the bath, enough that one of the children’s eyes was covered. But the way he was touching him was more like he was posing him. There didn’t seem to be any ‘accidental grazing’ or any intimate touching. As much as my fujoshi heart breaks, the bath scene was only suggestive, not confirmative. The conversation on the beach, where he is trying to put a label on what Yuri needs him to be, gets a bit telling. Starting off as father figure, he moves to brother… friend… and boyfriend. He manages to get in a ‘ill try my hardest’ while Yuri loses it and jumped high in the air, before denying that route. But it was more of a startled rejection. So at least maybe Victor is open to that route? It’s a possibility. It would also fall into Victors personality. If we were to analyze Victors sexuality, I would definitely put it on more of a pan sexuality, area. Personally he feels like he would like someone  he’s interested in as a person, and not a set of balls.

Screenshot 2016-10-28 00.18.18.png

The animation of the episode was.. Again a mixed bag. They reused Yuri’s skating animation 3 times. In important scenes, emotionally or steamy, there is incredible detail. They deck those beautiful eyes and lips to the nines.  Other scenes may be lacking, but they are unimportant, or basic scenes. Also, after a certain distance, so about at  wide shot, the detail drops as well. The character is significantly less detailed. Yurio was not a string bean this week as well. He was still pretty skinny, but he didn’t have silly putty for arms. *thumbs up*


This weeks episode was chicken soup for the soul. And it mentioned Canada! Mississauga!! I live on the border of Mississauga, so its awesome 🙂 if only Yuri was scheduled to Canada, im sure id see a lot of Cosplays around the ice rinks of Yuri and Victor. One can dream though. While there were some animation weirdness, the story and the insight was done well. The atmosphere was comforting and it’s a clear difference from even the second episode. Victor and Yuri are more comfortable together, definitely.


Rating: A


BRNK and Token Ranbu are coming soon!! Maybe tomorrow..>.> I just have to write them up.

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