Miss Bernard Says.. Meh.

This series is set in a library, with a small cast of characters who all have varying degrees of love for books. While some are heavy book readers, with opinions on their translations and character development, others are casual. Our protagonist, Machida Sawako is the type who likes to read, or say she’s read, books to pretend to be a bookworm. In her words ‘I want to read the book, so when the movie comes out I can cry out ‘the book was better!’

This type of character annoys me. Machida Sawako is very casual, and she comes off as condescending. She spends more time avoiding reading the book, than she would reading the book. The comedy of the show revolves around the measures she takes to avoid reading the book while still knowing the contents. These methods include researching the plot online, as well as reading analysis and journalistic reviews. The other characters seem to be annoyed with her as well, showing their frustration frequently.

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Kobayashi Shiori is a serious book reader. This character goes into deep details of the books, as well as the authors previous works and considers the quality of a translation before recommending a specific book.

Hasegawa Sumika is the character love interest. She is interested in Endou, the only male in this… I guess harem? She is rather shy about her feelings, but I do see her confessing at some point.

Endou the male is rather… normal. He is kind of the emotional balancer of the show. He has no strong feelings either way, and is centered on intensity as well.

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The character interaction is pretty integrated. All 4 characters seem to talk frequently, as they are around each other majority of the time. Kobayashi Shiori and Hasegawa Sumika offer to swap books, which ends up being the same book, and engage in a deep discussion about it and its ties to the Sherlock fandom.

The main conflicts revolve around Machida Sawako and her tactics that are ‘disrespecting’ a bookworms hobby.

Overall, I am not a fan of this small series. While yes, everything is relatively balanced, with an intense character, a romantic character, a head case character and a neutral character, I just do not like the premise of the show. Maybe it’s the inner bookworm in me, but reading a book because its popular, or so that you can meme-ify yourself feels disrespectful towards the author. I am guilty of reading a book because there is a movie of it, but my intention was to understand the plot and characters before the movie butchered it. So Miss Bernard(don’t know why she calls herself that) as a character frustrates me, but on animation, plot and character progression, the show holds up more than I would like.

Rating: B+

Does this strike a chord with others out there? Have you continued watching it or has Miss Bernard irked you as well? Let me know below!

Ill most likely be doing a 4-8-12 posting schedule of this show, if I remember *marks calendar* *lies about marking calendar I haven’t left my bed*, so until then checkout more short animes HERE, and checkout this double episode HERE!

Thanks for reading!