This GUY! No, not a generic guy, but Monsieur Guy! He’s…he’s evil!


Wow, when we see backstories on villains, and see the 20/20 hindsight surrounding their manipulation, this exact scene is playing.

Episode 4 introduces more lore into what Buranki and Bubuki actually are. There is a small scene in the middle in which out characters meet a small child, and her sentient Buranki companion. While the team is learning about Buranki and their purpose, Maxim and his limbs face a threat that is literally killing them off. At first we think it is Kaoruko who is slaughtering them, because she was given a mission by Guy to take care of a traitor in Demokratia, but its not. So at this point its either Epizo, Ryuuki or the british one. If my memories right, which it often isn’t. Moving on. Her target cannot be Azuma, as he is not a member of Demokratia.


There is a very hopeless feel to the episode, as one ‘good’ character is being brought to the dark side, and the entirety of the Russian team was killed off, just as ** began using the boys names, forgoing his nickname of ‘mice’. So just as we were starting to like Maxim, he is killed off. Is this BRNK or GoT??


Kaoruko is also CLEARLY being manipulated. Using praise and subtle insults, acting as if she is alone, but only he is able to understand her, calling her special and giving her things only she can do, they are all standard manipulation tactics. And Kaoruko is eating them all up. Its only a matter of time before she is asked to strike out at Azuma or her mother. Which.. Based on what we know of her form the first 3 episodes, she wouldn’t have too much issue with.

Screenshot 2016-10-29 15.24.35.png

Reoko is still alive, and unable to move without being near Entei.


Her 4 limbs, Matobai, Souya, Akihito and Zetsubi are also alive. Hiiragi is deeply concerned over Kinoas concern of Souya, which maybe indicates a more open opportunity for a budding romance there? I don’t think he’s been 100% friend zoned yet.

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The limbs Kaoruko was working with before were also kinda thrown away. Are they back with Ryuuki now? Does Kaoruko know the treatment they are receiving? Does she care? We didn’t see them at all after they were so prominent in the first few episodes. Granted Kaoruko didn’t exactly defend them when he was intimidating them, but she seemed to at least treat them  better..


The big reveal of the episode, or lack of reveal, seems to be discovering what Guys main motive is. the part where he whispers it into Reokos ear is silenced for intrigue. But we already know what his main mission is. He aims to take down the meteor in the sky, that was behind Treasure Island. Kaoruko spilled those beans in episode 1 or 2. She commented how she could always see it from her home. Now the ‘why the meteor’ question still stands, but it most likely has to do with ‘The Great One’ which Duroc, the sentient Buranki, mentions.

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This episode made me feel a bit hopeless, but not completely hopeless. But my hope is down like 33%. Kaoruko gunna fall, and Azuma will most likely get hurt trying to save her. I mean its not the most original plot, but with Kaorukos backstory, of course she is easily manipulated. Azumas.. Kinda to blame too for leaving her. There was some new and cool lore on Burankis, which I appreciate! I always love a good Lore story.


Rating: B


Sorry this one was so late, The new episodes out… in like an hour I think. I thought about compounding the two episodes, but I decided against it. So the episode 5 will be out tomorrow, hopefully. *fingers crossed* I really do like this series. Haikyuu is coming as well!! Ill be posting a lot of Haikyuu to catch up!! So keep your eyes peeled!


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