Im beginning to wonder if this show has a more sinister plotline.

In these three episodes, there are 2 puzzles, both completed by the protagonist Tokine. One involved pictures, and the other involves station names. Both require the ability to read Japanese, so as a viewer, the puzzles are pretty difficult to follow along.


The sinister part of the show comes from the result of a completed quiz. The person who completes the quiz releases a Q-stone. A gem from their body that is the manifestation of the pleasure experienced from completing a quiz. Of course they nudge the orgasm sound in there as well. But Hachin, the ‘host’ seems a bit too eager to collect that stone, and even remarks at its size. Im starting to think that the protagonist is being used as a resource. There is no real explanation of what Quizin is, or why she is being dragged into this alternate universe to complete riddles, but a convenient explanation is that she is being farmed for those Q-stones that only humans can create.

The protagonist Tokine doesn’t really change throughout the episodes. She remains headstrong, and self confident. She originally protested the outfit she’s put in, but changes her tune when Hachin tells her it came from her own mind. Whether or not that’s true or was used to placate her, we don’t know. If this is following the sinister route im thinking of, id say that’s a big fat lie. She does however show concern for others when they are trapped in Quizin like herself. They, unlike her have been reduced to 10% of their potential. So Tokine should be a bumbling mass of non-words at this point but she’s not.

The show has potential, but the riddles are hard to follow as someone who cannot read kana and kanji. The show doesn’t do a good job of walking the viewer through it anyways. She comes up with the answer out of the blue then gives a 2 second explanation of how she came to that conclusion. Im honestly gunna keep watching to see if the sinister plot is real, but as a quiz anime.. Not really feeling it, based solely on that I cant follow the riddles. I cant guess along with the protagonist which kinda takes all of the fun out for me.

Rating: B

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