Haikyuu!! Back again. I thought I had more time but I heard Haikyuu season 3 was only 10 episodes?? Whaaaat?!?!? Well that’s not fair. 😦

So the little bit of season 1 left, and I’ve noticed something pretty interesting. One of the reasons its taken me this long was I didn’t want to rehash all the same points, pfft. I have respect for myself *sweats profusely*. Hype, that’s one of the great elements of Haikyuu. So much so that you could tell me everything that happens in the show, every minute detail, and in watching it id still scream in joy. Because emotionally it builds you up (I said I wasn’t going to rehash…)


The way they build up the hype is definitely through fast cuts, the music, and the intense facial expressions, but a recent way that they’ve been achieving that hype, is they build up the opponent. Lets say… Oikawa.. And then make him terrified of ‘shrimpy’ or Hinata. So you have this powerhouse, this ‘Great King’, Kageyamas idol, and rival, afraid of Hinata! That’s like the ultimate dream of the underdog!


When Aoba josei have to constantly re-evaluate their strategy and alter how they approach Hinatas spikes, it truly acts like the ultimate decoy.


He opens up the way for Asahi and Tanaka to spike and score! It all comes together, and you can see it on Hinatas face. It makes me so happy.


Now, Kageyama and Oikawa take up a significant amount of an episode in explaining their relationship, and even showing some character flaws in the dreamy Oikawa. It goes back to the start of middle school, where neither student is a setter, and you see Oikawa become frustrated at Kageyama who is doe eyed and asking to learn from him. Frustrated by how easy his Kouhai picks up the skills, Oikawa freaks out on him. He’s stopped by Turnip-head from reaching out and striking him! So this cool headed, methodical Oikawa.. Isn’t so flawless. Its great to see that contrast, especially because they are so intertwined.


Now Suga! He had his time on the court, and he is a sun. Kageyama is the moon, pushing and pulling the team like the tides, but Suga is the sun, bringing all members to their full potential like sunflowers. (great analogy!) and again, the differences illustrated on screen, the laugher, the changes in expression, it all changed because who was the setter. Team dynamic wise, that’s great. He even gave Kageyama some advice.. Which he took and utilized. Which… may seem out of place for Kageyama,  but his goal is to improve, and as a middle schooler that’s what he did. He listened and watched and absorbed. Somewhere along the line he absorbed an attitude, but that’s also slowly lessening the more he absorbs from the Karasuno team.


Overall I think these groups of episodes, covering the first 2 sets of the KarausnoxAobaJosei match were very introspective. They did skip over half of the second set, but considering the match itself is 6 episodes, I think it can be forgiven..


In the next few days ill be rounding out season one and blowing through season 2 real fast! (I hope)! So keep an eye out!!


Rating: B+


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Thanks for reading!