Wow its been a while since I uploaded any Saiki. Do people still watch? Its up to like… 100 episodes? I think. I dunno. I like it, so maybe ill do groups of 5 episodes not 2. at least until I catch up.

WELL! Episode 39 was actually one I really enjoyed. 38 was pretty weird and inconsistent with the series as a whole and even aspects within the episode. Nendous father in ghost form starts following Saiki, being as annoying as Nendou. Saiki tries getting away, using both teleportation, flying, astral projection and… Kamehameha? He also references Pokémon in the episode.


The ghost Nendou first surprises Saiki, but then Saiki pretends to not see him. Dude, he knows you saw him, move on from there. And it included  ***, who im not too much of a fan. Not just because he’s a womanizer and a pervert, but I don’t feel like he adds too much to the plot. Granted he’s the one character Saiki approaches instead of approaching Saiki, but he’s still.. Just a boring character. You can easily see all his motivations, in this cast of clearly thoroughly thought out characters (lol)


The 39th episode is about manipulation and salesmen. Saiki again uses his powers to help someone who’s inconveniencing him, this time it being his mother. She is buying things from salesmen because she’s an easy mark.


What I wanna know is… how rich is this family! And what is Saikis father job?? Currently she admits to spending about 1million yen on things, and is willing to spend another million yen getting Saikis father out of jail for groping women. When confronted with the figures, Saikis father claims that 72-feet lickings…. Um what?


1 million yen=…. $9000. okay so im less impressed. I thought it was more along the lines of $100,000..


WELL if bail is 10grand then it’s a minor offence, at leas that’s what Law and Order SVU has taught me. Aaand this post is going downhill!




Rating: B+


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Thanks for reading!