This episode was so cute!!


The point of the episode was that there were big boobs, but they weren’t part of the plot. It was weird!  Like when a female character has big boobs, you’d expect there to be some accidental fondling, or some mention or something, about the boobs. But this episode was devoid of boob humor.

I mean it was kinda devoid of everything. I don’t even think we know the characters names-its different people from episode 1- so its just an office worker and his Kouhai. It goes through their day, and they work together. There’s nothing sexual about the episode.


I mean.. Okay there was a little boob humor. Her boob pressed the down button in excel and created a whole bunch of cells, but who here hasn’t done that? Or pressed your boobs on the door panel because your key card was resting on your bosom.


They cleeeearly went out of their way to keep the boob size consistently large, and they did so in a rather tasteful way. I am not upset at this in the slightest. I thought it was a very cute story.


The conversation was realistic, the scenarios were realistic. And to be perfectly honest, just because you have boobs doesn’t mean every male co-worker is a lecherous prick. So yay! Cutey little episode!


Rating: A


Its very short haha. But yea, I liked it. not so much controversy around this episode huh. Not that the first one… was really controversial..


Checkout episode1 HERE and checkout Gakuen Handsome HERE to see if I liked it or found it.. Disrespectful!


Thanks for reading!