Wow… my eyes hurt after one episode. In a good way though! Wow! It was.. It was *man voice* hardcore!

So the premise, for anyone who isn’t as far behind as me, is kind of a reverse Token Ranbu. The historical figure is removed right before they die, and sent to a different… planet, world, they’re sent to live in the ReZero world for all I know. The natives have Zelda ears and they speak a different language.. I think. There was no kana or translation for Japanese viewers on the screen.. So I dunno. That’s the plot as of yet.

In this episode we meet Nobunaga, cause we cant have a historical anime without him, as well as Nasu Suketaka Yoichi and the character we follow is Toyohisa. He is a fallen warrior, who… I question his mental stability. Maybe he’s licked up too much enemy blood.

The story is broken up by small hints at humor, such as when Toyohisa is telling Nobunaga about what happened after his ‘death’; arguments ensued, as well as a sad emotional moment when Nobunaga learned of his sons death. We find out through this conversation that time in the different worlds run differently. 18 years in ‘our world’ is 6 months in the new world.


The third character, the ninja, is rather secretive. We do know his name, but as a non-Japanese person I don’t know his history. I mean I would look it up, *lazy* but I don’t want possible character spoilers. Im hesitant to really look up a plot or character in case it has a bigger picture. Researching Arslan without finding out who his parents were was stressful enough!


He has been in this alternate world for 400 years our time, meaning he has lived in this alternate world for close to 10 years 8 months(I did the math *wheez*). Just over 10 years were spent alone, presumably. We only see the three of them now.

I do like that in the second world the amount of characters decreased, because while the animation is great, there was so much movement and so many characters in the first part of the episode, that it was nearly impossible to follow along. There wasn’t much color contrast between the opposing teams, which didn’t help. The fighting was good, it was well paced and gory to all hell, the animation, again, beautiful, crisp, clear, is matches with the story very well, with the hard, battle driven men. Just… the movement again. So much movement! Its like watching sports on ultra HD on a giant tv, (my cousin has one, its nuts) but I cant watch it because its TOO HD. There’s TOO much to take in, and I felt a bit like that in this episode. Which is NOT a negative. Id rather a show be too HD than… melt… kinda like Gunslinger Stratos did. And that show melted…


And one final plot hole, how can a guy be stabbed with spears 4+ times, walk out of it and survive without magical help… come on bruh.

Overall, I really liked the episode. While I do tire of Nobunaga at times, the new historical characters is a great addition and it holds a lot of promise. Presumably they are being kept alive for a reason, and that reason is most likely some form of battle. Why they’ve been left alone for so long.. Is a mystery. Unless its like Survivor, or the Grim reapers just screwing with everyone.

Rating: A

Gimme more dark animes like this!! I wanna start Occult Nine soon as well, if I get my life together. Until then! Checkout this link HERE, its fun I promise, and click HERE if you want to read something im proud of!

Thanks for reading!