SO much of this episode confused me?! Was that a separate scene, or a flashback into the past? What?

First of all, the episode was soo different from the first and second episode. It was like Anitore EX.. But with massive boobs. The first half was all exercising and the female walking you through exercises, with the camera focused JUST on her boobs. Like not even pretending to not be focussed on them. We saw her face all of twice.

She seems to be speaking to the viewer, instead of a client, but we followed a client into the gym in the first place. Now, follow me on this. The client at the gym, is an older man, and is also the man on the train from the first episode? What? I say this because while scolding a younger employee, the boss smiled and looked all nostalgic, immediately after seeing a scene from the first episode, with the girl on the train. He gives the younger employee some advice about going to the gym, and he looks all happy. Episode 1 girl, ALSO comments on how the guy was going to start going to the gym…

Another.. Probably more likely scenario is that the boss got all.. Happy.. When he went to the gym to *ahem* destress. The flashback could have been from the point of view of the worker being scolded. Its hard to tell because we never see his face, and at the beginning and end of the flashback we see the bosses face first. although in a boob anime, do male characters really even matter?

Uuuuuh this episode confuses me. MatPat where are you when we need you! *shines Pat Signal Teehee*

So its not a sinister plot, but its definitely a different plot than I originally thought it would be. The first two episodes gave a plotless, happy vibe, like that anime where cute guys wished you good night all Mystic Messenger-like (707 my lovely). But so far its not melting. The boobs… wax and wane in importance, which give me a feel that maybe the plot needs some cover in some areas, and boobs draw the attention away from plot holes? Who knows. Maybe in later episodes more will be revealed!

Or am I just looking too deep into it haha! Too much Game Theory lately. *shrug*

Rating: A-

This show… is erratic. Like its boob physics.

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Thanks for reading!