Ajin actually falls into one of my favorite categories. No its not BL, although a Nagai x Kaneki DJ probably exists somewhere. Rule 34 and all. I like this series because its dark, and depressing, and methodical. Geez does that say something about me as a person?


So the premise of the show is that there are people, named Demi-humans or Ajin who have the ability to regenerate, and create a ‘black ghost’, a separate body that normal humans cannot see, but that can affect the real world. They are actual beings, they are just hard to seen. Other Ajins can see the black ghosts no problem. Nagai Kei finds out he’s an Ajin one day, and begins living life on the run because the Japanese government is taking these beings and experimenting on them. Sato, one of the few known Ajin declares war against the Japanese government, and Nagai wants nothing to do with it, so he runs to live in the mountains.

In season 2 he is dragged back into the city by ***, an Ajin as well, but he is… normal. Nagai is a psychopath, meaning he can look at things analytically and he’s… very methodical. He was faking being ‘normal’ his whole time at school. Even his sister has commented that her brothers a terrible person.

Okay, so I have read the manga of this series. So making plot guesses are useless for me, because I know what’s next, so these posts might be different because of that.

The animation of the series made me pause at the beginning. It was very Knights of Sidonia, and the last thing I wanted was stony faced characters, but Ajin has some of the best facial expressions ive seen in a series with this type of animation. The eyebrows move, and Nagais facial expressions make me laugh because he is unapologetically honest.

So in this episode, there are recaps, with the original music, so the music’s all jumpy for a while. The chosen scenes were actually pretty good at encapsulating the previous season, to see where its going to lead on next.

We are immediately given another reason to hate Sato.. Or well.. You feel like you hate him but if you actually think about him and his motivations, he’s an antihero. He’s causing calculated destruction to rescue a group of people. If he was an attractive character, he would be hailed as a good guy! But he’s.. Kinda ugly, so he’s a villain.

Its hard to find the real villain in this series, because we get to see the motivations behind each character. Obviously the Ajin are fighting for their freedom and to reject the stigma, and Tosaki isn’t the villain because he’s trying to protect people from Ajin, because Sato is killing people and blowing up buildings.

You know what, the villain is the Japanese government, They started this all. That’s who the villain is, but like politicians do, they sick the two smaller guys on each other to battle it out. Why don’t they team up and-

Oh wait.. They do? o-oh. Nagai and Tosaki are joining up… against Sato… together.

Well that’s great!

So lets see if Nagai and Tosaki can put aside their feelings towards each other, the hunter and the hunted, enough to go after the bigger fish.

Overall, I liked the continuation. It jumped right back into the action, and its following the source material pretty well.

This is weird.. An anime with animation that’s consistent, and a story I don’t have to guess.. I don’t know what else to say about it. Go Nagai?

Rating: A-

Probably not going to do a series review of Season 1 just because id rather look forwards rather than back.

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Thanks for reading!