So much Nobunaga..

Between this and Drifters, its soo much!

So Nobunagas Shinobi introduces the same character again, Hideyoshi, the younger sister, everyone. The cast is back. They even reference Nobunaga the Fool and Naruto, Cause you cant have a ninja without Naruto amirite?


The two episodes focus on introducing characters and starting the plot. Nobunagas’s given Chidori a task. Well ninja she may be, but that doesn’t mean she’s bright. Her memory fails her.


This little ninja girl is talented and skilled, she is able to ‘defeat’  Mori Yoshinari, after refusing to battle him to save his pride. But does he listen? Nope. He challenges her. He loses. And she remarks about something she forgot. She forgets a lot of things, proper attire, ninja tools, and information. That’s where a majority of the humor comes from, the mental incompetence of the girl, despite the ease of which she performs her duties. She’s an odd character.


The anime most likely will turn into just a rehashing of the same story, but from the point of a ninja. She will have an ‘influence’ on the historical battles or conflict in Nobunagas time. I don’t see it as too original.


Now that the characters are all introduced, maybe there will be more of a focus on missions? And her on the missions. She is the most interesting part of the show as she is a new character to the Nobunaga universe.


The episodes weren’t very exciting, but the animation was consistent.


Rating: B


Plague of the short animes! I did all of the Episode 1’s so now its time for a revisit. Checkout the episode 1s of Nobunagas Shinobi HERE and of Gakuen Handsome HERE, as well! And episode 1 of Nazotokine HERE.


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