They acknowledge the boobs!!

After 4 episodes they finally say that word… boobs. Bountiful boobs even. Well someone’s getting bold.

So this episode is set up in a way that makes you think its going to flashback to when the people in episode 1 meet. It starts off with him.. In a rather detailed way, describing the girl, down to her manicured nails and lack of dangly jewelry.. Kinda personal info there buddy. Not to mention the possible rape scene he envisioned, then declared he wanted.. This episode is making me feel all kinds of weird.

The episode isn’t a how they first meet though, its just him regaling his stalking while going over the morning routines. And I’ve never been on a train in Japan, so I cant be 100% sure, but do people really get that close on trains, to the point where they are nestled in each others bosom? How small is the personal space bubble?? Even the TTC 191 bus on a Monday morning isn’t enough for me to get that close to people.

And I thought talking loudly on the train was a social don’t in Japan, again never been, just my online research in hopes of having a very realistic dream in which I visit.

And finally, in a train that packed, there’s no way in hell she’s the only one to get off at that stop.

As for ‘this weeks button’ you’re lying if you didn’t assume that button was from either her bra or underwear at first. Pfft. Part time job uniform. They knew where they were leading our minds, our dirty filthy minds.

So out of the 4, I liked this episode the least. It was misleading, which felt like disorganization, and it was a little on the rapey side. Just because she has big boobs, doesn’t mean she’s a slut who needs your protection dude.. So stop being a creep.

Rating: B-

So.. Was that flashback thing like a one off? Will it be used more in the future? I hope so… I really like that kind of thinking.. I want more..

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