Ah none so great a tale as an idiot and their unrequited romances. In this case there’s two.


We knew from episode 1 that Suke liked Chidori, and now Nene, Hideyoshis childhood friend is in love with Hideyoshi. Hide only has eyes for the princess, so it wont work out. It doesn’t stop her from trying, or from Suke sympathizing with her.

Plot wise nothing really happened.. Hideyoshi was sick, and then Chidori scouted a bit because a battle is upcoming. This show is really kinda boring. It flip flops between focussing on the characters vs the element of being a Nobunaga anime. It honestly though, could be about any characters. It just HAPPENS to be Nobunaga. But there’s not really an aspect of the show or characters that DEMAND Nobunaga to be a character. It could very well be a short story about a ninja who doesn’t realize her partner likes her. Having a Nobunagas name takes the focus off of Chidori for a majority, because your trying to figure out the battle aspect.

There’s not much left to really say. There will be the same battles that are in every Nobunagas anime, which will take up most of the short screen time, and its just repeat content.

Rating: C

Nothing really to add. I could say I like the characters, but I kinda don’t.. Having two unrequited loves is kinda funny, and seeing Hideyoshi so unconfident in himself that he doesn’t see someone actually likes him would be a great storyline to be followed, but will it be overshadowed by generic Nobunaga plot? Most likely..

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