Well lets toss in every anime trope possible shall we?


These short episodes mostly introduce stereotypical yaoi characters, and even delve into the realm of sports.

We have the seductive principal, the tsundere seito kaicho, the  magical transfer student and the misunderstood delinquent. This added to the old childhood friend and the seductive teacher, they’ve created one weird harem.


The comedy is still non existent. There are odd moments where the delinquent and teacher were vying for the MCs attention, but even that wasn’t really funny. They seemed to be trying to shock us more than anything, with the options available being ‘have naughty tea time’ or ‘go pee with him’. All the while the MC maintains that he cant have a romance because he goes to an all boys school. His little sister and principal, who are now buddies, both tell him that love isn’t based on gender, which would be a good message, if it wasn’t delivered in such a weird show. Having an adult carrying a 7 year old while they both say ‘love is love’ is a bit… it lends itself to a different type of controversial love.


Also, you cant say a transfer student at this time is weird, when you transferred there 2 weeks prior.


Commenting on the animation this point is just wasted space.


I don’t like this show. Animation aside, and content aside, the pacing is all wrong as well. Too much is happening too quickly, even for a short episode. If you want to explore one cliché relationship per episode fine, but throwing in 7 characters and hoping something sticks, just compounds that this show isn’t really worth the watch.


Rating: D


Last time I was more angry than anything at the show. Now, more analytical. But seriously… Microsoft Paint, right?


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