o-oh my. Well… well that was blunt


This week! This week included a CAST of people, from a dragon, to a boy band, to an orgasm with legs. A lot of the episode was skating, once again… and I feel like the episode held on. No one got string beany, and.. The Yuri fish face was no more!! *cheers and applause*

In this episode Yuri and Victor travel to China, and participate in the China Cup. We only get through the Short Program this episode. Out of 6 skaters, Yuri is in first place, heading into the Free Program section. His performance of Eros, include a new element; at the beginning of his routine, he licked his lips.

Screenshot 2016-11-10 15.35.39.png

After watching Pichit perform to music he always wanted to, and making that music his own, it fired up Yuri. I figured he would be disheartened when he saw the older skaters whine to Victor about him leaving, and Chris, a French skater telling Yuri that he stole Victor from all of them. But instead he resolved to be the person hated for taking Victor. He resolved to show them all the new Yuri, the Yuri created with Victors help and love.


What this show pays attention to is something to watch as well. Episode 3, Victor whistled at Yuri, and they went out of their way to make his lips move. This episode, while holding Yuri’s hand, Victors fingers are rubbing the top of his hand. They went out of their way to create that and I LOVE it.


How they showed the others skaters varied as well. With Georgi, it was more cut scenes and shots of his waist and up. It didn’t focus on full body shots like with Yuri. Leon’s performance included cut scenes as well, but they both displayed the motivations behind the song choice and program.

Screenshot 2016-11-10 15.33.38.png

The narrator at the beginning confused me a bit. I assumed it was a program narrator, for the competition telling about the other competitors,(Go Jean-Jacques Leroy!) but it got a bit personal at the end with Yuri.

Screenshot 2016-11-10 15.33.43.png

Yurio seems to be having a difficult time, coming in second in the Canada Cup. His face is all sour, and even in watching the other performances he was sour.  You start out thinking it may be he just doesn’t want to watch Yuri, but he’s sour throughout the entire competition.



So next week is the free program, the Yuri on Ice program. Multiple times it was pointed out that Yuri isn’t used to being the ‘person to beat’ and that kind of pressure may be his downfall, considering his past with pressure. But following with the theme of the past competition, Victor may be the inspiration/catalyst for a boost of confidence. We may get some skinship next week, seeing as that’s Victors methods.



And finally, Chris. OSJ Chris. This boy. Oh boy. He’s more blunt than anything we’ve really experienced in this series. Full blow ass grabbing, Yuri’s and his own. He claims to be the master of mature Eros, while calling Yuri’s ‘Violent and cute’ Both Skaters seemed to have an effeminate take on Eros, compared to Victors more masculine Eros routines. Chris got the job done though, not only *ahem* satisfying himself, but also making ‘the ice all wet’ oh lord. Not sure if im cringing or blushing. Maybe both.

Screenshot 2016-11-10 15.38.16.png

Overall, the episode was fantastic. They’ve made improvements, (no more fish face~) and they aren’t rushing the relationship. Im sure all of us would just love Victor to pin Yuri down. But then we would all die from blood loss. This slow game, is a great tool. its not subtext anymore, and it hasn’t been for a while, but its not in the forefront either. Its on the brink. Although, if it was two women, instead of two men, would viewers be as excited? Or would it be filed under ‘women are just more open with affection?’


Just an observation. Great episode! I would have liked to see Minamis reaction to the Eros performance though. He’s adorable.


Rating: A


After the 3rd week curse, Yuri on Ice has been rocketing, and im so happy. I really enjoy the episodes. Maybe a few days later after the novelty and euphoria dwindles sometimes you look back and see things you didn’t see before, but if a show can make you happy, then that’s what’s important. If Yuri’s teaching us anything as a character, its that no ones perfect, and even screw-ups can rile up an audience. Take a step back and see it all.


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Thanks for reading!