You DUMB bitch! WOW.


I knew saving that stupid brunette was a bad idea. I also figured Mi Liu wouldn’t hesitate to abandon her, but still!! SO dumb!!

Once again.. Not much happens in term of plot. Literally… someone has a bomb, and Mi Liu is battling a monster. I think it changed scenes… once and back. The situations weren’t and still aren’t resolved..


What the show does, is it kind of builds up a long term plot, into that a police chief is looking into the deaths of the Bloodivores. He makes a connection because clearly BST has absolutely no variety in faking deaths. All death row, all accidents, all Bloodivores. If your gunna kill massive amounts of people, have fun while doing it. Come on Mi Tengu, hire a psychopath to do the job.


Also the location of the building, Mi Liu figures it’s a time and space intersection, because obviously its not the warehouse, and it’s a decrepit building.


So the police aspect mixing with the… time and space intersection… aspect… is a lot to be packed into this melting pot of a plot. With the slow pace, how are they planning on incorporating the elements they’re trying to introduce??


Character development wise.. It was okay. We learned what Mi Lius power actually is. He is able to ‘create a point of gravity and fall towards it’ within 10 meters of himself. Which is pretty cool. It would explain in the last episode why he was raising up without any kind of rope. It wasn’t just bad editing..


What is bad editing though, Is that the hallway in which Mi Liu is in, varies in height, and width every single frame. He’s bouncing around, trying to defeat this monster, which is a good strategy, but nothing is consistent. And then,… that bitch. He pushed Anji into the monster so she can make her escape. And is surprised when Mi Liu leaves her.

Screenshot 2016-11-11 00.11.35.png

Win Chao and Che Fong, are indeed childhood friends. I believe they are old friends with Anji as well, because the police officer mumbled that they were sent to the same orphanage, with the picture of the three of them. Was Mi Liu sent to an orphanage as well? Possibly… maybe his mother died… but  Mi Tengu mentions ‘finding his mother’ in the first episode.. UGH working out how these characters know each other is a headache.


Mi Liu has a thing for Anji, but the episode leaves off with a possible death for the both of them. Enter the plot element of time travel, im sure some wormhole will suck them up, heal their wounds or something.


Overall, the episode was on par with the others. Nothing really happened, but we earned a little bit about the main characters. This is pretty much the exact opposite of the first episode, where we start off in a high speed chase, and a lot happens, and information is doled out rather seamlessly.


Rating: B-


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Thanks for reading!