Everyone’s an ugly crier. Even Tsukamoto

This episode.. Content wise, I loved it. The emotions that were brought up were individual for each character, and it went through a lot of the main characters reactions to the outcome of the game.


Going in, you’d expect: Kazama to shrug it off, Tsukumoto to sob, the Mizuki.. Probably sob cause he’s like Tsukumoto, but you’d be wrong.


The complicated emotions going through each character ranged from sadness, to anger, to determined and even the feeling of guilt.

The reasons for crying vary from person to person as well. Kazama breaking down while trying to wipe away the strategies from the whiteboard, you can hear his voice cracking as he scolds whoever used permanent marker. A moment ago he couldn’t identify what his feelings were. Seeing Kazama, a strong, but carefree character sobbing.. It hurt my heart.

Tsukumoto refused to cry. He wasn’t sleeping, but he wasn’t crying either. He runs, and tries to practice, and feels the need to get better. Its Ubukata who stops him and tells him he has permission to cry.


Both of these characters carry the same burden though, that they did not help the team win. Kazama whose been told he’s amazing and the best, yet he couldn’t help, and Tsukumoto who had 2 shots at the goal, and the second miss being an open net.. Both are carrying the burden. And Tsukumotos consoled. Kazama isn’t. No one is telling Kazama it isn’t his fault. He was not at the after party, he does not meet up with other team mates. He is alone the whole episode.

Kasuhara is upset as well. Kasuharas spot on the team went to Tsukumoto, and his season is now over. The scenes with him and Mizuki felt like a farewell scene, as if he would not be returning to school, or as if he had died. It lights a fire under Mizuki but Kasuhara starts crying as well.


The contrast between Tsukumoto and Kazama is the focus of the show, and the different responses they immediately have and we see an alternate side. While the characters being in pain isn’t something that I should enjoy, but I did. I liked hearing Tsukumotos reasoning’s for thinking he didn’t deserve to cry, I liked seeing Kazama shift so that the strong gave way to the weak. It was a good change of pace for the entire series, to see Kazama in a different light.

The animations were okay, there were a couple scenes where it was almost in first person, which felt weird, but nothing too bad happened. It was a very nice change of pace, and it was a shakeup that I think the show needed.

Rating: A

Yea, im the person who likes seeing my favorite characters in pain so I can soothe them. So Sonic the Movie was rewatched plenty of times in my youth *waves cane*

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