Hibike is probably one of the popular animes this season, at least according to my twitter feed. Its about this girl Asami, and her adventures in the school band. At least I think.



The show opens up with her current band losing and not qualifying for nationals. Asami is not upset. She went in with somewhat reasonable expectations. Kousaka on the other hand is in tears. Fast forwards to highschool, and the school band there sucks. Asami isn’t going to join, but her two new friends are going to join, so she goes with them. Its all fine until she sees Kousaka, who is going to join the band. Asami is embarrassed to be around her, so she flees.

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The anime had a rather toned down feel. It wasn’t crazy like other music based animes, and the characters seemed kind of complacent. Sapphire was cute, and Kumiko was pushy, while Asami was rather non chalant. The main point of conflict seems to be between Asami and Kousaka, but depending on the outcome of the cliffhanger that could be resolved easily.

I do like the little subtleties in the show, from the skirts being rolled, to the reasoning behind the ponytail.

The episodes set up the setting nicely, explained the tiers in the competitions rankings, and created a protagonist and antagonist conflict situation. Its off to a good start content wise.

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But… how can she talk so calmly to a guy… isn’t it a hard fast rule that girls and guys only mix in ecchi animes! \0.o/ Just another point on how this anime will be more mature than others, even K-ON.

Rating: B+

Music animes aren’t usually my thing, but people seem to like it, so I want to give it a chance. It didn’t blow me away, but I can see why some people freak out over it.

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