The token Festival episode!

Tsukumotos childhood friend and minder, Sayuri, has come to whisk Tsuku to the summer festival. This comes at a time that he needs people, he is still reeling from the game, and his worries of being a burden carry over from the last episode. At the festival he meets many teammates, and seeing him so talkative and having friends and being relied upon, has Sayuri in tears. Little Tsuku has flown the nest.


His mindset of ‘for the team’ has not escaped the upperclassmen, and Usui, the Vice Captain and team mother, scolds him. We learn about Usui a lot, especially the fact that he hated Mizuki for a while, and was a selfish player until he became the vice captain. The plan is to shake Tsukumoto out of his funk, where he feels like he owes the team. This stemmed from before the last game.


This episode feels like a gateway episode to a more serious anime. Like the first half was new and gag-ish, while the second half is going to be direct and serious. That’s what the OP visuals gave off anyways. Tsuku seemed to have a new haircut and a serious look. There’s also the matter of the pre-OP, episode 1 scene of Tsukumoto kicking ass! Id like to see more of a tuskumoto-mizuki transformation because that’s what they’ve been hinting at for a while. The series has almost given us an end goal of Tsukumoto becoming the captain, so to finish before then would feel.. Incomplete.

This episode was very light hearted though, and while the last episode was all tears, this one is all smiles and about helping one another. It was a nice change. We got to see the other first years a lot more, because during games they are pretty non-existent. We didn’t see Kasuhara at all… but he’s in the club, not on the team.. And if my Haikyuu knowledge is up to snuff, third years leave the team (sometimes) after the inter-high. So im not sure if we will see him again.


One thing I have noticed, is that the animations are more detailed and prettier when the show is at sunset. During games under bright sunlight, the animations are… off or look a bit messy, but during orange-light times like sunset, its very pretty and soft and smoother. Im not sure why.

Kazama wasn’t a large part of the episode, he was not at the festival, which may have been because he was not dragged by someone like Tsukumoto was. Kazama who is everywhere with Tsukumoto… was absent. Just like in the last episode when Kazama was alone the entire time, and then he was absent when a majority of the team was at this festival.. The second half, the studying half.. Kazama is in attendance, but he’s not studying and instead comes to play videogames. He is kicked out for not studying, and just kind of.. Takes it. If im to over analyze this, then id say Kazama is going to be withdrawn in later episodes, with these unresolved feelings of guilt and loneliness. We see in flashbacks he was better than most, and was not thinking about the team. He was disliked for being good, and then saddled with feelings of guilt for not being good enough… Whose going to tell Kazama that he’s a first year and doesn’t have to bear the teams cross on his own either?


Everyone’s focussed on building up Tsukumoto, that Kazama’s crumbling and no ones noticing.

Or im over analyzing and Kazama being at both events would have drawn too much attention from the main event. He probably would have shown up to the festival in a yukata and his hair up like a girls and tricked other guys or something.

Despite not being a sports episode, I think we learned a lot more about he characters now than in actual game episodes. It feels like a turning point, and im looking forwards to the next episode.

Rating: A

I should just change my blog to ‘Otaku Over-Analyzations and Summaries’ lol. But im really concerned for Kazama!!

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