More.. Plot.. Elements..


So now the plot now contains: Bloodivores, time travel, monsters, magic powers, itty bitty supercomputers that work in the future, and a supervillain?

About that whole.. Time travel aspect. I don’t think they are in a different time. The Supercomputer explained that Aori used to be called Aoka. It was a science district and is responsible for Lullaby, the drug that created Bloodivores. As a result Aoka was destroyed. The Robot Anji did say that they were in Aori… so maybe the ’50 years’ and desolation is because… it hasn’t been lived in since it s destroyed. We are under the assumption of time travel because Mi Liu said that, but he could be wrong.


The glass shard in Mi Lius burn is also not glass. It is a itty bitty supercomputer, called Sapphire. Mi Tengu implanted it against the councils wishes. They claim its too much for one person to handle. Mi Tengu is still confident, despite being looked down upon by the council.


Bloodivore biology is explained a bit more in this episode. But they.. It gets weird. On the topic of blood transfusions, after cauterizing the wound with gunpowder, Mi Liu looks up on the Sapphire if blood transfusions between Bloodivores is safe. It generally is. Now what about his half human blood? Even better! It brings with it minor restorative abilities. Great! So what does he do? Bites himself and pours the blood in Anjis mouth. Ingesting is different from transfusions. Anji still freaks out at the taste of blood and goes all ‘frenzy’ attacking Mi Liu.


So the setting right now is up in arms. As if this anime couldn’t get more complicated. But.. I still kinda like it. I feel like the ending is going to be rushed, or, everything will line up perfectly and be great. More likely to be rushed, because the first half has been so slow though.


The supervillain, is Lou Yao. He is a redhead Hemomancer with super strength. He easily defeats all of the monsters after saving Chen Fong. The actual saving was.. *sigh* When you get stuck in between two walls and have to side shuffle, being able to sprint forwards normal isn’t.. Right.


The setting has been explained a bit more and a couple non-events have become important. Im not sure if they are going to try and keep the façade of time travel up or not, or if it moves on from here. I hope they move on, because trying to balance so many elements wont wrap up well at the end.


As for Anji feeding on Mi Liu, the end of the episode shows them  both still alive, so she didn’t kill him, but there was a magical… glowing lady standing over Mi Liu. I think its his mother. We don’t know where she is, or if she’s alive, or what’s going on. But most often the nice people end up being evil as well.


Well lets see what new elements are added next time!


Rating: B


The story seems to be shaping up, in a weird shape. Im still enjoying it. I want to see more of the dynamic between Mi Liu and the boys he left behind in the warehouse. This new supervillain is interesting as well. He wants to met Mi Tengu, so is he the someone that Mi Tengu said would be after his son? Father of the year award here… So Tengu knew where he was sending his son.. Great! Checkout Hitori no Shita HERE, and more Bloodivores HERE!


Thanks for reading!