They’re ALL protagonists!

Kay this episode.. Was so cool. It definitely is the beginning of a turnaround in not only Tsukamoto, but the whole of the first years. Weve been so focussed on Tsukumoto, how he plays, how he handles things, because he’s the new kid, the underdog, the one who is on the bench. We’ve forgotten about the other first years. Well now’s their time to shine.

Because he’s been playing with the upperclassmen, who are skilled in what they do, Tsukumotos been able to play how he wants, mainly running haphazardly and being free to receive passes. Well in a game of 5 first years.. Who are not skilled, who are not game experienced, or generally experienced, he kinda…. Really sucks. And he fails. And he fails and he fails. But that’s what is so cool. This episode opens up to take the ‘underdog improvement’ type plot, to the first years in general. Fuzzyhead is bugging Tsukumoto to tell him how his passes differ from Kimishitas, how he can improve.


Its not that everyone is getting better through practice, or is just… acquiring the skills as they go. There’s a conscious effort of what’s going wrong and how to fix it, and that is so cool to see on a multi character scale.

Compared to Haikyuu, these characters suck, skill wise. Probably because we don’t see the non-starter players on the Karasuno team. There’s a good… 5 characters that I don’t think I’ve ever seen, much less know their names. Everyone on that volleyball team is skilled, and is good at acquiring skills, and are playing with older team members that tell then how to improve. The Seiseki first years right now, are not playing with older team members and have to use their own crappy skills and fix their skills. That is beyond cool!

And not just the first years, Ooshiba, the incredible sulk, asked Kimishita what he was lacking. So an upperclassman is still asking for help from others. And I love that! I love that the focus from Tsukumoto is expanding, and its changing how Tsukumoto is going to play. When people stop accommodating him, then he has to actually get better and not ‘just run’ because that isn’t going to work. Strategy and effort and thought needs to go into the play style.

Screenshot 2016-11-14 16.37.45.png

Its that Tsukumoto has come to the realization that he cannot be the entire team, he cannot be the only thing that supports the other players, that the other players are JUST as concerned about their position as he is. This is a FANTASTIC move forwards.

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Now a Kazama update. He does not appear suicidal, but we don’t hang out with him much. He is laughing when Ooshiba is dragged off the field on his back kicking and screaming, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t depressed. I feel like it was all set up for him to have an emotional thing, and its just not coming…

SO great episode, great character development, to relate it back to Haikyuu again… season 2 I think it showed Hinata tries spiking without Kageyama, and he sucks? So Days is taking that plot element and its working. Because Tsukumoto suuucks and this is the kick in the pants he needs.

Rating: A+

This episode had me up in arms in pure joy. Im so happy that its taking this turn. Checkout more Days HERE! And Subscribe to see more of Days from me in the upcoming bit!!

Thanks for reading!