So for once the delinquents plan of attack worked!


The mystery of Ritsu Kageyama has been solved, he’s utterly powerless. And utterly jealous.

Ritsu is the younger brother of the two, and almost idolizes his brother. His older brother was open about his abilities as a child, so Ritsu grew up thinking abilities like that were ‘the standard’ and assumed he would develop them. Instead he developed good looks, social skills, and athletic abelites; all of the traits Mob is searching for in joining the Body Improvement Club.


When it comes to using his abilities, Mob doesn’t abuse them, he doesn’t mind read to get test answers, or even use them to escape when being kidnapped. His hard fast rule is that you don’t use them to fight other humans. Which conflicts directly with the new antagonist. Although, if someone else has psychic abilities, do they fall under the ‘human’ category that is not to be harmed using psychic abilities? I guess we will find out soon enough.


So the episode surrounds Onigawara, the leader of the delinquent group at Salt middle school, and tricks Mob into being a hostage for Black Vinegar middle school to incite a battle between the pacifist Body Improvement Club and the Black Vinegar delinquents. It partially succeeds, with the Club rushing to Mobs rescue. Whether Mob would have been fine when he was left alone is unknown, because he wasn’t actually harmed.



He is also being haunted by Dimple. Who is planning on taking advantage of Mob, to become God. There is the added humor of seeing Dimples reaction to the people who are constantly taking advantage of Mob and his constant objections to Mobs own beliefs and contradictions. He can tell that Reigen has no psychic abilities, but doesn’t plan on telling Mob, yet.


The intensity of the other characters contrasting Mobs calm demeanor and almost non-existent presence has been a big factor in why the show is enjoyable. Much like how with One Punch Man, the extreme abilities contrasting to the ease in which they are done, resulting in an almost anticlimactic scene is both comical and exciting. Knowing Mob has these abilities but refuses to use them and instead allows others to literally fight his battles.. Is Mob more manipulative than we think?


The intensity of the battles between regular people are so overblown and dramatic that when Teru, the new antagonist on the scene, shows his psychic abilities while he’s fighting, it takes a moment to figure out if those were abilities or just over dramatization on the creators part.


Overall, the episode was more of a leadup than anything. Mobs Progress towards explosion is at 45%, which is pretty fast.. If he explodes every other episode.. It may not be as exciting as I had hoped. Although after meeting Dimple, the progress was 28%. Teru and being kidnapped only progressed it by 17% so maybe the explosion will be more focussed on Dimple? Or… ugh. Dimples going to possess Teru isn’t he?  Well lets look forwards to that in the next episode.


Rating: B


Or Maybe Dimple possesses Ritsu, and that gets Mobs anger up. It would be interesting to watch. It doesn’t help that Dimple resembles the green goo monster from Ghostbusters. Checkout more Mob Psycho 100 HERE! And checkout another supernatural anime HERE!


Thanks for reading!