Dragons, Backstory and Death! On My.


The episode involves more backstory, more cop mystery, and the prisoners escaping the metal box, with Win Chao leaving Chen Fong behind.

The story of Anji meeting Mi Liu is quite cute. We know Mi Lius been obsessed with Anji for a while, because she reminds him of his mother. His mother is missing, and.. They both have purple hair? Is that the connection? So whether this relationship is romantic or Freudian is up in the air. We don’t see any romantic/sexual actions between the two of them, but they are teenagers with raging hormones… Mi Liu went to the orphanage after finding out his mother made a donation to the orphanage before she disappeared after an ‘incident’. Now the only incident we have been privy to is the hostage situation, but whether or not that is the incident before his mothers disappearance isn’t known.

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The police officer, yea he’s back, is looking into the connection between the missing Bloodivores, and its lead him to the orphanage looking for Mi Liu. But Mi Liu was never a resident, only a visitor so there are no records of him, but the record of the donation… The episode builds it up so that if the officer finds the connection then there will be trouble.. But how would that be? A woman made a donation, and her son visited and played with the kids. Nothing sinister happens around that. If he’s looking to connect Mi Tengu to the disappearance of his child and the 3 others, why go to the orphanage other than to act as a segue back to the city. The feeling around the officer is not one where your supporting him. It feels as if he’s being made the villain, he’s sticking his nose in where it doesn’t belong, when other characters doing what he’s doing are often protagonists and are being cheered on. They are doing a great job of making us dislike him very much so.


Now Win Chao leaving Chen Fong, and instead opting to follow the demon Yao. After breaking out, the pair goes their separate ways, mostly due to Win Chaos insistence that Mi Liu and Anji abandoned them. I mean.. They did. But you’re the protagonists friend, your supposed to blindly follow him. Win Chao isn’t exactly the smartest in the group, but thanks to flashbacks we see that he’s stupidly brave when it comes to his friends, so abandoning Chen Fong.. Is a big shift in personality.


What still bugs me is back in episode 2, at the appearance of the monsters, one of the prisoners said ‘what is that doing here’ and not ‘what is that’. I don’t know if it’s a translation error, but if its not.. Then are these monsters known? Either as extinct monsters or somewhere from the news? Where would people have seen these monsters before? And frankly where did they come from? The easy explanation would be that they are failed experiments from Aori or Aoka,  Mi Liu encounters a dragon, so maybe the creatures are related, or maybe they really did time travel. So much is unclear still at this point, and frankly, I feel like we could have gotten to this point in 3 episodes, not 6.


So Mi Lius wandering, Anji’s probably dead, Chen Fongs alone in a warehouse, Win Chaos following a naked man into the desert, and the police officer finds a bug in a stuffed animal. Thrilling.


Rating: B-


What even is this show? Its like Cross Ange… but bad. The animation rivaled Gakusen Handsome at some points.. Next thing were gunna find out that the stuffed animals are actually the old children from the orphanage, or something. But I swear, if Anji’s dead…


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