Haibara Senpai is bae, confirmed.

I don’t know why, but short guys, freaking adorable. Maybe it’s the spunky attitude from being short in sports, that you develop a personality to cope. Hmmm.


A major difference that I find between Haikyuu and Days(my only two real sports animes, cause im a pos) is that Haikyuu wows us with the game. They have nailed the art of dragging a game 5 episodes, and once Hinata breaks out the God Spike, the viewer is dead. Its great! I love it to hell and back. What Days does is it jabs you in the heart with pre or post-game character development. The crying, the realizations, all of that you are experiencing first hand, not just reacting to them when they floor you. Its more of an emotional wooden rollercoaster, shaking you and leaving you sore in multiple places, while Haikyuu is the Leviathan, or the 90degree drop coaster. Both are fantastic and I like them for very different reasons.

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With Tsukumoto becoming more serious, and the topic of trying to steal the starters positions comes up, Ooshiba seems to become more Gag-like. He’s doing jokes, and coming across as… the butt of the jokes. Between the being dragged off the other day, to him just making a fool of himself.. He’s become a weird character.

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Following last weeks theme of everyone doing something, Haibara, the short cute one, gives Tsukumoto crap. Tsuku wants to be Ooshiba, but Haibara says the team doesn’t need a clone. Pretty discouraging right? Well Haibara is a recent starter, and has no self confidence, largely due to his height. So he’s had to develop his own tactics or dealing with opponents and to become irreplaceable now that he’s a starter. That’s what he was trying to get across to Tsukumoto.

On the field he gives pretty good advice to the first years as well, and when Tsukumoto screws it up, he gives him a swift kick to the head. He has a lot to say, and its all pretty good. The advice was a bit generic, but it worked.

We see a shift in Tsukumoto confidence, as shown by the camera panning downwards, so now we are looking up at Tsukumoto. It makes him look taller, as well as more confident. It’s a great visual! And Tsukumoto doesn’t screw up this time! Progress!

But, Tsuku is still Tsuku, and he runs away in tears shortly after. The issue this time, is whether or not he is able to take someone’s position as a starter after seeing how hard they’ve worked to keep their spot. He’s faced that with Kasuhara before, so it shouldn’t be too hard to come to terms with it happening, but again, its Tsukumoto and he has a hard time with everything.

Kazama seems fine. Unfortunately. I was really hoping that the lack of support would alter him at least a little. I mean we see less of him now, but that’s because Tsukumotos got more friends to be around.

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Overall, the episode was fine. It seemed to be setting up for Tsukumoto to realize something, and he did so very quickly. It wasn’t my favorite episode, but it wasn’t my least favorite. I do like the direction the show is going in. I hope they keep it up!!

Rating: B+


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