The plot thickens! Oh, and Dimples dead. Teru killed him easily.

This story is headed in a much darker direction I think. If we focus on Mobs brother, Ritsu, especially at the end of this episode. Previously we were told that Tsubomi getting bored of his abilities is the reason Mob stopped using them, but now we have this incident, in which Mob exploded, and injured his brother while they were being hassled by high schoolers. Mob doesn’t remember anything, and his brother passes it off as nothing, but in Ritsus flashback, we clearly see Mob explode. He also says ‘that’s not Nii-san’ so maybe he’s going to try and get rid of Mobs powers? Or somehow try and stop him? Is this gunna be a secret sibling rivalry series?

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The battle with Teru was pretty fast, like it went from 0-100 real quick. Mostly because Mob refused to fight back. Other psychics do count in the ‘don’t use against people’ element. That quote seems to be the only  thing Reigen was ever honest about.

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The battle with Teru boiled down to insecurities. Without powers, they are nothing. Mob knows this, Teru does not. and by Mob refusing to use his powers, it meant that he didn’t even find Teru worthy of fighting back against. That’s at least how it played out. After Exploded Mob stripped Teru of his clothing and destroyed the middle school, Teru understood that without powers he is average at best.. And im not convinced that was a positive outcomes.. Yea Teru isn’t an ass anymore… well for the next few moments, but he cant just 180 and become humble, especially not in the same school he’s been at. Yes he may not be as popular, but once it passes he will go back to being popular.


We see the first bit of Mobs emotions as well, as he breaks down in tears after having realized what he had done. He demolished a building, then rebuilt it, and said he hadn’t changed. He had used his powers in a negative way. He also sucked up the energy from Teru and the atmosphere, so does Teru still have his abilities? Its not mentioned afterwards..

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So instead of being lighthearted like it is presented, there is a very heavy reason behind Mob actions and not just to get Tsubomi to like him. He doesn’t see his powers as something that makes him better than others- because of what Reigen told him as a kid. That’s why he is jealous of his brothers traits, because those abilities don’t inherently hurt people, and they can make you a better person.


Then again he is pretty emotionless. Despite the sad music and playback of memories with Dimple, Mob wasn’t too upset at his death. I even let out a small ‘awwe’ of sympathy for the green blob. But again, that goes towards the intense scenario, cool headed Mob element. His emotions or anger at least seems to fuel the % till explosion counter, so the emotionless aspect may be a learned skill.


Either way, the episode was good, albeit fast. The 0-100 aspect had it from ‘ill show you im superior’ to ‘well im average’ in like 10 minutes. The leadup wasn’t unbelievable, and Mobs powers are pretty much a 1 shot kill type..


Rating: B+


I like the emotional aspect and that its not  just ‘here’s another monster, kill it’. Im looking forwards to the brother on this. Checkout more Mob Psycho 100 HERE! And checkout a creepy anime HERE!


Thanks for reading!