Yuri’s handling the stress of the competitions differently now.

So much like we assumed, Yuri was breaking a little under the pressure of the competition. He was panicking, sweating, not sleeping, and pacing nervously. He has not had a good track record when it comes to the spotlight, and multiple people pointed it out in episode 6.


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Victor, he had good intentions, and as a coach he is trying, but trying to break someone out of their funk by breaking their spirit.. Not a good plan. Even before, as he was monologuing I knew it would be a bad idea, for Yuri, or anyone feeling the pressure. Adding more pressure may help some people, but When you are someone as a mentor, coach, idol, and possible love interest, you don’t purposefully break their spirit. But I can kinda see where Victor was going with it. We don’t haven a lot of experience with Yuri pre-victor, so we don’t know what his anxiety levels were back then, other than what we had been told in the last episode and by Yuri himself. And even compared to the other skaters, who seem to be experiencing minimal anxiety, Yuri seems on the far end. We don’t get to see others react to Yuri’s anxiety, and I would have liked to see his old coach speak to him or victor, or comment on Yuri’s behaviour to get a gauge to how abnormal that level of anxiety is for Yuri pre-competition. But this isn’t his first go round, and if victor felt the need to take him out of the arena, and block him from hearing any of the scores, what had him so riled up? The buildup of the emotion to the eventual breakdown of emotions and the explanation of this assumed over-anxious behaviour both shocks you, and saddens you. Or at least me. Here I am so wound up over Victor thinking about kissing Yuri, that this sudden deep concern of Yuri’s made me frown, and the rant that followed, about fearing victor wanted to quit, but knowing that wasn’t true.. It’s a relatable feeling. Maybe not in that context, but being afraid of something that wont happen.. Its scary and thought consuming.

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I expected a lot more out of some of the performers on the ice. I mean Geordie was less creepy but his narrative continued, but my main interest was Chris. His performance in the 6th episode set it up like his free program was going to be this ultra sexual, mature Eros performance, and it wasn’t. it was kind of mellow. There was the ass in the air for a second, then his crotch being thrust into the camera, his token ‘im gunna cum’ line, and.. No climax for the viewer. And not in a ‘he didn’t air hump anyone, so not Eros’ because sure, there was some sexy music, but there were no camera tricks to try and accentuate anything. In his short program there was the close-ups when he grabbed his asss, but we didn’t get that kind of editing, which was a bit disappointing. His performance was again kinda cringy, from a ‘id die of embarrassment if I had to do that’ type way.

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Yuri’s performance itself was nice. Again, there was reused frames, but I feel like its become accepted more as the shows gone on. I remember being a bit angry at the beginning of the reused frames, but when you think about it, it’s a ton of work, and it is the same routine. If reusing the frames, and just editing them differently with different cutaways is how its going to be done so that other scenes get their love, then im for it. this show is made by human beings. And *sigh* I guess that includes the string bean sections as well. Cause those came back.. Its not so much the arms and legs being elongated, it’s the neck. Yuri’s neck doubles in size when string bean-ed.

The crying helped with the routine, as noted by Yakov and Yuri himself. He was calmer, he was thinking more, his voice was slower, which helped with the whole calm feeling, and the ‘oh, I wonder…’ part lent itself to the more calm feel as well. He still had his slip ups, and he didn’t beat himself up over it, so there is growth. In his monologue he’s even talking about non-skating topics, like victor as a coach, and his own mental stability, almost kicking himself, gently, for being so anxious.

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The episode climaxed at a possible kiss. At first I wasn’t too sure it was a kiss, and just an inconveniently placed arm in a hug, but this show isn’t one to pretend. There haven’t been misunderstandings or accidental physical interactions. Victor has said out loud that he would be Yuri’s boyfriend, and offered to kiss him. This series is not playing us, its just taking its time. That’s why I believe it truly was a kiss. Victor kissed Yuri at the end of his performance. Whether or not it was caught on camera, or they were, like us, blocked by his arm and still in ‘was it/wasn’t it’ limbo, I guess will be revealed in episode 8.

Overall, I still absolutely love this series. So much community has come from this series, so many hopes and great conclusions from other fans and bloggers. Each week they shock us and make us cry and panic and we over analyze every detail and every frame to the point where #yurionice is trending! Way to go guys! I love this series, and while it may have its issues, its not unreasonable issues and the content is open and great and exciting and amazing.

Rating: A

I know, its extremely late. I know. Im sorry. I was wrapped up in so many emotions I couldn’t unravel them enough to type. Also. Research paper. Ugh kmn. BUT! Ill have episode 8 up asap. So.. Friday at noon..

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